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Start Your Own Family Tradition With These Ideas From Us!
02 Sep 2019INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

If you have a family of your own, you might realize how fast your kids grow before your eyes. Or if you still live with your folks and have yet to experience that next stage of life... simply take a look at your parents, and see how fast time flew by. It seemed like it was only yesterday that you were still crawling and learning to walk. All of a sudden, you're an adult and barely spend that much time with them anymore.

Remember, regrets come last! While you still can, start your own family tradition - and there are so many awesome tradition ideas that you can try with your family. Better late than never, wouldn't you say so? Read on for some great ideas from SweetEscape!

by Matthew for SweetEscape in Singapore

1. TV Rituals - Take Turns Holding The Remote

If your entire family lives extremely busy and hectic lives, it's no surprise that you might not have that much time left for each other anymore. For those of you with little to no time for each other, this is the perfect tradition you can start in your family! Allocate a day within the week for you to sit down together for some good ol' TV marathon. Simple, but you'll see how great you'll end up bonding!

2. New Year's Family Resolutions

A year is a long time, and it's usually more than enough time for us to make changes within our lives. Resolutions, when done alone can sometimes become a bit... boring and unmotivating. As a solution, make it a tradition in your family to make resolutions together each year. It doesn't matter if these resolutions are for your own self or for the benefit of everyone else as well... it's your family afterall, and you know what they say! Sharing is caring

3. Weekly Family Walks

This tradition is suitable for those of you who are especially addicted to their technological gadgets - whether it be your phone, laptop or ipads. Although these gadgets can be quite the helping hand for your daily activities, they actually distract you and detach you from reality and anyone that would like to connect with you on a deeper level. So, get together and leave those gadgets behind. What do you do then? Go for a walk with your family, and make it a weekly thing.

by Christian for SweetEscape in Bohol
by Christian for SweetEscape in Bohol

4. Watch Terrible TV Together - Have A Laugh

Have you ever come across TV shows or movies that are just beyond awfully horrible... that you somehow can't get enough of them? You've got to admit it... many of these movies are downright ridiculous, but it's so outrageous that it becomes hilarious that you can't stop crackin' up. Share those movies with your family, and have a great laugh together. You'll find that watching "perfect" movies and shows can get quite boring eventually, so you would need to change things up every so often - together!

5. Passing Around the Happiness Jar

For this adorable tradition, all you're required to do is to hold a family dinner each made mandatory for all members to attend. It's just like any other dinner - with a little twist. At the end of the dinner have each of your family members talk write on a piece of paper of something they're truly thakful for, and put it in the happiness jar. Afterwards, pull out the papers one by one and read them together. This is bound to bring so much warmth and positivity to your lives. Trust us!

6. Monthly/Yearly Family Photo - With SweetEscape!

As we all know, time flies really fast - causing us to miss out on the little but very important things in our lives. If you're a parent, you might notice how fast your kid is growing, and how it was just yesterday that you were still cradling them in your arms. Or perhaps you're in your mid twenties or even thirties, and your parents getting older is becoming even more apparent than ever before. Have a yearly or even mothly photo session with SweetEscape and have those special moments be captured by us for you to treasure for a lifetime. You'll be thankful for this little but meaningful tradition when you're older!

by Tommy for SweetEscape in Bali

7. Milestone Trips

Milestone ages... what exactly are they? Well, it's a label for each time your birthday repeats in 10's. Perhaps you're more common with terminologies such as the big 30, or the golden 80. Since life isn't as long as you think it is, it's all the more reason for you to make it a tradition for you and your family to do something special for each time a family member has a milestoe birthday. Specifically, go on a little trip together, and take that time to really bond with each other.

8. Gift Hunting

This little activity can be done in the comfort of your own homes. All you need to do is buy each other gifts... and hide them throughout the house. This can be done on Christmas, Lebaran or any other holidays you celebrate. Otherwise, you can opt for this tradition for special occasions to spark it up a bit and get the mood going.

9. Favorite Vacation Spot

If you've seen your fair share of family movies while growing up, you've most likely come across the idea of family vacation spots that everyone just loves so much. Perhaps it's your grandpa's cabin lodge near that lake of wonders that you adore. Or maybe it's that really adorable bed and breakfast in the town next door. We suggest to make that one place you and your family visits the most to be your go-to vacation spot. Why? Simply because it holds a lot of memories, and that matters a lot!

by Camilla for SweetEscape in Gold Coast
by Camilla for SweetEscape in Gold Coast

10. Family Tradition Restaurant

For this last tradition, you can either choose from an existing favorite restaurant... or find a new favorite one together with your family. Perhaps your parents loved that Chinese restaurant in your neighborhood downtown since you were still a little kid. Or maybe, your family has always had a thing for Indian cuisine.

by Michelle for SweetEscape in Perth

Considering on applying any of these traditions unto your family life? Whether it be as simple as a weekly stroll with your family, or going to your favorite family getaway destination, do remember to book a session with SweetEscape to capture those moments for you! Anytime, any where, and whichever island you would like to explore, you can simply book your session in less than two minutes through our website or mobile app. SweetEscape is always ready #ForEvery moment! Book your sesion now and let's #MakeLifeMemorable