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How To: Survive The Long Working Hours At Work
16 Aug 2019INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Work, work, work - you don't always like it but you can't run from it (if you'd like to stay alive and prosper). Do you often feel tired after just a few hours of work? You can't help but look at the clock.... another 5 hours to go. We know the struggle of working, and at times it can get tough... real tough! Since we care so much about our fellow escapists, we've put together a few tips on how to survive the long (dreadful) hours at work better. Read on to find out how to take worklife like a boss!

by Dung for SweetEscape in Tokyo

1. Get Enough Zzz's - Rest Up When You Can

We're all aware of how dreadful work can be sometimes, especially the feeling of sitting for hours on end at your desk/cubicle as you get your reports done. Work itself is a routinely activity that requires a lot of concentration and focus (besides the obvious energy). Therefore, you should be mindful as to how much sleep you get each night. If you enjoy going out after work for a drink or two, limit it to only once or twice a week. And the rest? Use it to restore your energy, of course! Even adults require a at least 8 hours of sleep daily to properly function.

by Deo for SweetEscape in Malang
by Deo for SweetEscape in Malang

2. Watch Out For Your Caffeine Intake

For a second there, you might think to yourselves, "Wait a minute, isn't caffeine supposed to keep me up and running?". While that is (partially) true, we would like to inform our dear escapists, that the long term effects of caffeine aren't so great afterall. You'll notice that the more you take coffee, you'll start increasing the caffeine shots and start to wonder why. Your tolerance for caffeine slowly but surely heightens, and before you know it - you're caffeine prone! Meaning, you won't feel the effects anymore! If that still doesn't strike you, your heart is forced to pump harder due to the effects of caffeine. And when that's done overly... you won't be too happy anymore!

by Raynald for SweetEscape in Shanghai

3. Drink Lots of Water - Stay Hydrated!

What's the most important organ that you ALWAYS rely on especially for your work activities? Your brain! And for that, you should care enough to drink lots of water throughout your entire days of working. Keep yourself hydrated with water, and you'll see yourself naturally regaining all that needed energy that was lost. A special tip for you: limit your sugar intake! Sugar and sweets may seem all nice and luring, but they only take you up on high to drain you so quickly.

by Marcel for SweetEscape in Cape Town
by Marcel for SweetEscape in Cape Town

4. Plug In Those Earphones - Relax Your Mind

Make a playlist of your favorite, go-to songs - preferably upbeat and motivating (unless you happen to be more into classical music). Surely you've got playlists for (almost every) occasions and situations of reality. When you feel like you're losing that work spark, plug in those earphones for a little bit - and you'll notice that you somehow get back up and running. What seemed like a dead-end report, your mind will suddenly flow those ideas unto your writing effortlessly.

by Maria for SweetEscape in Moscow

5. Do Some Chair Exercises - Simple and Easy

Sitting for hours can have quite negative impacts on your healthy and wellness. Why? Because human beings weren't made to just sit all day on their desks in front of their computers. If you happen to not have the option of getting up and walking around your office as you please, don't worry! You can perform simple but useful exercises right from the comfort of your own chair. Remember, you're not a robot with artificial intelligence to automatically refresh your system! So, you need to take well care of those bones and joints even while you're at work.

by Kevin for SweetEscape in Bandung
by Kevin for SweetEscape in Bandung

6. Be A Social Butterfly - Build Your Networks

If you haven't already established good relationships with your workmates, then we highly suggest you make some time to do so. In between your workloads, take little breaks and get to know your workmates. Surely they have lives out of their work, right? Who knows, you might even have similar hobbies and activities you can do together! Trust us, once you get to know your colleagues better, you'll feel a whole lot better knowing that you've got buddies for your social needs.

by Iqbal for SweetEscape in Bali

7. Go Out For Some Fresh Air

As most offices and workplaces are isolated rooms with universal air conditioners, it's no surprise that you would often find yourselves getting sick or hit with migraines easily. Think about it, 8 hours of sitting in a room of stagnant recycled air... It's no wonder that you frequently get headaches out of nowhere. For this case, you need to occasionally go out of your building for some fresh air. "Stock up" on that fresh air for a few minutes before you head back inside, and you'll find yourself feeling slightly (if not entirely) better.

by Bale for SweetEscape in Bangkok
by Bale for SweetEscape in Bangkok

8. Eat Healthy - Pack Your Own Lunch!

In today's society, it's almost impossible to say no to all of the different savory and tasty foods offered by the endless cuisines surrounding us. To our left and right, we'll see food chains ranging from junkfood to the more healthier/organic options. Sure, you can opt for the healthier food, but there's a catch! They're quite pricy! Think about it, if you were to purchase food daily in the hopes that you would create a better lifestyle - soon enough your wallet would more or less go dry. What's the most cheapest option, you ask? Packing your own lunch! You'll know for sure what is in your food, how it was made and so on. Even for those food chains who label themselves as "healthy" are still hiding a secret or two from us. Not only will you be healthier, but you'll save more money as well! Now that's the real deal!

by Sam for SweetEscape in Singapore

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