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Netflix & Travel: Discover The Photo Spots Featured in Vincenzo!
26 Jun 2021INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

A must watch on Netflix, Vincenzo is an action-packed K-Drama series with many unpredictable moments which hooks you up at the end of every episode. It tells the story of Vincenzo Cassano, a Korean-born lawyer who was adopted by an Italian family, and working for the Italian mafia as a Consigliere (the right hand man for the leadership). Caught up in a power struggle, he fled to South Korea where he found a bigger cause to fight for.

Besides the thrilling story and camaraderie seen between the characters, Vincenzo also features interesting choices of filming locations. On this edition of Netflix & Travel, we invite you to take note of these locations for your entertainment. But warning: this article contains spoilers!

Was It Shot in Rome? Nope!


Were you surprised by this after watching the first episode? If you do, then you’re not alone! We get to witness Vincenzo carrying out his role as a consigliere, as well as the beautiful Italian landscape and architecture. But these images turn out to be created by computer graphics and the actors playing their role surrounded by green screens, due to the international travel restrictions during the time of the filming. We have to give credit to the team for overcoming challenges during production and pulling it off spectacularly!

by Kateryna for SweetEscape in Rome

Common Ground, Seoul


We get to see this location during episode 5, where the main protagonists Vincenzo and Hong Chayong were discussing their plans on taking down Babel while eating hot dogs. Common Ground is South Korea’s first and largest container shopping mall complex, and is a popular location among youths as it offers exciting shopping experiences, foods and lifestyle trends. It’s also a great place to capture moments of lifestyle in Seoul.

by Musa for SweetEscape in Seoul

Garosugil, Seoul


When in Seoul, you’ll find that the city is rich with colours of life from the bustling streets where you’ll be spoiled with street foods and places to shop. One of them is Garosugil, which was featured in episode 14, where Vincenzo takes Chayong to a jewelry store as they prepare their disguise to infiltrate an Art Gallery. Meaning “tree-lined street”, Garosugil is surrounded by Ginko trees planted around the area, upscale boutiques, restaurants and cafes!

by Jiseok for SweetEscape in Seoul

Dongdaemun Design Plaza


In the last episode, we see a moment of reunion as Vincenzo invites Chayong to meet him at an exhibition taking place in Dongdaemun Design Plaza. This location is an icon of Korea’s design industry, and has become a key venue for trade shows, fashion exhibitions, concerts and performances. The futuristic architecture has also made this place become a popular location for capturing moments

by Henliauw for SweetEscape in Seoul
by Tizzy for SweetEscape in Seoul

Let’s hope that someday we can travel to these locations safely and recreate the moments just like in the show. While waiting, you can recreate any moments wherever and whenever you are! SweetEscape connects you to thousands of local professional photographers who can capture it for you, and your photos will be ready for download 48 hours after your session. Let’s #MakeEveryMomentMemorable with SweetEscape!