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Ways To Make Your Graduation in 2021 Memorable!
16 Jun 2021INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Congratulations to the class of 2021! Whether it’s high school, college or universities, you’ve made it through! Given the uniquely challenging and unusual circumstances under which you’ve completed your final academic year, this makes the graduates of 2021 as the brave and incredible class of 2021!

Though new normal protocols have made graduations in this year taking place differently from pre-pandemic, this doesn’t mean all your struggles are for nothing. Let’s continue to celebrate this special occasion because it’s a moment of recognition to you in such an extraordinary time! So, here are ways to make your graduation in 2021 memorable.

Commemorate From Wherever You Are!

by Feldy for SweetEscape in Washington DC
by Ferry for SweetEscape in Bali

Graduations since last year have been conducted virtually as a part of safety measures. There’s much disappointment as many dreamed to one day stand at the podium to receive their hard earned certificate and capture the celebration with loved ones. But don’t worry, as you can still make it special by celebrating your graduation from whenever and wherever you are! Whether it’s somewhere in the city or even by the beach, SweetEscape will always be ready to capture it for you.

Celebrate Your Triumph Over Challenges

by Dominic for SweetEscape in New York
by Maria for SweetEscape in San Francisco

For this past year many across the world are studying from their own homes, and it presents challenges in the process. If there’s a great takeaway from this, it would be how remarkable it is for young graduates of 2021 to adapt and make it through this. While virtual graduations may be underwhelming, let's not take it for granted! After all, it’s still a celebration of your triumph over challenges, so take this opportunity to celebrate it your own personal way! SweetEscape photographers also know the right locations suitable to mark such a special day.

Cherish It With Your Support System

by Polina for SweetEscape in Los Angeles
by Dery for SweetEscape in Bandung
by Joe S for SweetEscape in Jakarta

While it is indeed a special day for you, let’s not forget the loved ones who are always there for us through thick and thin. Given the challenging circumstances due to the pandemic, having someone that we can rely upon is absolutely precious. So, take a moment to give a shout out to the friends you made through your academic journey and shared experiences, as well as family for their continuous support. To make it more memorable, spare some time in the week of your graduation to celebrate together with them and have it captured by SweetEscape!

Celebrate in Style!

by Saleh for SweetEscape in Bandung
by Aaron for SweetEscape in Seattle

Important life moments such as this should be commemorated by dressing up for the occasion! Whether it's traditional or modern, celebrating this special day with your new outfit signifies a fresh start in this new chapter of life! Graduation is all about having a great time, so wear your best stylish outfit that provides comfort for you, while SweetEscape photographers can guide you on how to pose to show the very best of you.

SweetEscape wishes you all the best in the next step you take! Wherever and whenever you want to take your graduation photos, we can capture the moment for you! SweetEscape connects you to a network of professional photographers in cities around the world who can capture any moments, and your photos will be ready for download in 48 hours after your session. With SweetEscape, you can #MakeEveryMomentMemorable!