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New Normal: Intimate Wedding

Due to the effects of CoViD-19 in the world, many industries have pivoted to meet the altered needs of consumers during this pandemic. The wedding industry was crippled as soon as the pandemic hit but it is very slowly bouncing back and adjusting to these changes. In the last couple of months the following have been adapted by the wedding industry:

by Deddy for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Less Guests, More Memories

Weddings, especially for Indonesians, have always been a large event, gathering almost a thousand people in one night sometimes. A wedding is a chance for parents to invite their friends and extended family members, with the couples also inviting a lot of their friends to celebrate their happiness. However, since COVID-19 hits and physical distancing measures put in place everywhere, grand weddings have been put on hold to make way for extremely intimate weddings with guests no more than 20-25 people, maximum.

by Hisham for SweetEscape in Singapore

This might actually be a good news for some couples! Now, they have a good reason to invite only their closest friends, and safe a considerable amount of their wedding budget to be used for things other than the wedding day itself. Of course, less guests doesn't mean that the celebration is less fun! Instead, you can celebrate your precious wedding moments more intimately, and more beautiful memories can be created in your special day!

No More Buffets

One of the most budget consuming aspect of a grand wedding is the catering. Apart from the customary buffet, several food stalls are also present, offering many types of food for the guests to enjoy. However, with the current situation, sit down meals are currently the new norm as buffets are highly discouraged or skipped altogether due to physical distancing measures. Safety is the number one priority nowadays!

by Jeffrey for SweetEscape in Hong Kong
by Deffry for SweetEscape in Sydney

Smaller, More Intimate Venues

Due to the lesser number of attendees, the need for large wedding venues have decreased or gone entirely. Now more than ever, small, intimate venues are getting bookings as couples have transitioned from planning a large scale wedding to a smaller event. A small chapel could be a good choice, a restaurant with nice decorations is another, and some people even chose to celebrate their wedding in their own back yard!

by Hisham for SweetEscape in Singapore

Never Underestimate Your Hometown!

More couples are exploring venues closer to home because there are still travel restriction which could make planning a wedding even more difficult. As our CEO David Soong puts it, never underestimate your own hometown! You might be surprised at the beautiful spots you can find around your own city that you might have overlooked before this whole thing started.

by Mariya for SweetEscape in Chicago

Now more than ever, people have started to realize that the beauty of wedding is not depending on how many guests attending, how big and extravagant the celebration is, nor the beauty of the venue. The beauty of weddings lies on the people and the relationship you share with your loved ones on your special day, and SweetEscape is always ready to be a part of your special day and to have your intimate weddings #CapturedPerfectly, wherever you are!