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Quality Time Over Gifts This Valentine’s Day

Let’s be frank, sometimes flowers and chocolates are too pedestrian during Valentine’s season. This year, let’s make it quite exceptional.

Turn your mundane activities into spectacular moments you’ll forever cherish. Disregard the extravagant gifts and go for moments that give meaningful and profound connections which intensifies your relationship. Spend precious time with your lover by doing these simple activities on your date.

Romantic Dinner at Home

Payday and Valentine’s day are not the perfect combination. The horrendous traffic will be the ultimate excuse to settle for a hassle-free dinner at home and showcase your cooking skills ala Master Chef.

by Vic for SweetEscape in Makati

Bond with your Furbaby

Been celebrating the love month for years now? Add a twist to your sweet date by bringing the cutest third wheel ever! Have a breezy stroll in the park with your fur baby hand-in-hand with your hubby and have the most adorable date yet!

by Charisse for SweetEscape in Manila

Book a massage

Complete relaxation and seeing your partner is all you need after that workweek. Book a massage and bid your worries away this Friday the 14th.

by Mark for SweetEscape in El Nido, Palawan

Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip

Adventure seekers will understand the delight of a spontaneous road trip. That priceless and invigorating moment of going on a trip with no plans, no itineraries, but a mind full of wonder with the one you love.

by Stevan for SweetEscape in Bromo

Do a fun photoshoot

What type of a couple are you? Showcase your personality through a unique photoshoot session! Maximize your humble abode and make it the best site for your Vday shoot.

by Zenta for SweetEscape in Sapporo, Hokkaido

Keep a memorabilia from your delightful date! Check the SweetEscape app to book a photoshoot session in the Philippines.