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Recommended Photoshoot Destinations for Your Chinese Zodiac in 2022!
27 Jan 2022INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Celebrating traditions and moments with your loved ones are a part of what makes Chinese New Year so special. And let’s not forget about the Chinese Zodiacs that are deeply ingrained in this celebration, in which this year marks the year of the Tiger!

Given how each one has different traits & personalities, here we have a list of recommended photoshoot destinations for your Chinese Zodiacs in 2022 and why. Let’s find out!

Rat: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

by Bayu for SweetEscape in Yogyakarta

Being quick-witted along with high appreciation of value and crafts means destinations that are innovative and have plenty of stunning architecture can be a great choice! Yogyakarta which has many stunning historical landmarks and staycation spots can be a great recommendation.

Ox: Boracay, Philippines

by Kokoy for SweetEscape in Boracay

Diligent, dependable and peace-loving, travel destinations with great outdoors and comfortable places of stay are recommended! All the more special with an island hopping experience, which makes Boracay a suitable destination for a photoshoot!

Tiger: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

by Aji for SweetEscape in Dubai

For Tigers who are searching for experiences to match their brave, confident and thrill seeking personality, Dubai offers breathtaking experiences. From thrill-seeking activities to locations with majestic views to reward you, Dubai has it all for satisfying moments there!

Rabbit: Rome, Italy

by Polina for SweetEscape in Rome

Enriching experiences such as art and romance are highly valued by Rabbit signs, making the city of Rome a perfect match! This vibrant city has an artistic charm to it, from its historic cobbled streets, well-preserved buildings makes Rome an iconic destination for a photoshoot!

Dragon: Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

by Fendi for SweetEscape in Labuan Bajo

Tenacious and full of energy, travelling destinations that offer a lot of spots to visit can be an ideal match for itinerary planner travel style of Dragon signs. A great experience would be an island hopping experience from Labuan Bajo to neighbouring islands like Sumba!

Snake: Bintan, Indonesia

by Robbi for SweetEscape in Bintan

People who are born under a snake sign are deep thinkers and like to plan well, and usually a little bit reserved. Which makes Bintan a great place for them! Located in The Islands of Riau province, Bintan is home to a lot of world-class resorts and plenty of exotic beaches. Also don’t forget to try their tasty traditional dishes!

Horse: Los Angeles, USA

by Bryan for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

A vibrant city that offers tons of attractions and activities like Los Angeles is just the best destination for people with a horse sign which values freedom and independence. There are plenty of places you can visit from theme parks, beaches, to museums for your photoshoot!

Goat: Reykjavik, Iceland

by Cat for SweetEscape in Reykjavik

For the goat sign, who tend to be imaginative and easy going, a photoshoot at destinations that offers great experience of nature and adventure may reinvigorate you! Reykjavik has a myriad of adventures and vibrant cultures for the curious mind, as well as beautiful outdoors for this.

Monkey: Seoul, South Korea

by Minho for SweetEscape in Seoul

Intelligent, witty, and creative are the perfect words to describe people born with monkey zodiac, and Seoul is a perfect match for their travel destination. From fashion to food, from art to architecture, Seoul has a lot to offer. You can also find a bunch of natural attractions in most cities in South Korea.

Rooster: Bali, Indonesia

by Agik for SweetEscape in Bali

Detailed oriented, confident and outgoing in personality, destinations that offer indulgence in fun activities so you can reward yourself will be a great option for Rooster sign. Places such as Bali where a well planned itinerary can maximize your moments there is a wonderful choice!

Dog: Singapore

by Eric for SweetEscape in Singapore

Loyal and compassionate, dog signs would prefer to spend their moments with their closest circles. When looking for a destination where you can have fun moments with them such as visiting landmarks, shopping and enjoying culinary, Singapore can be the one!

Pig: Orlando, USA

by Elle for SweetEscape in Orlando

Those who fall under the pig sign are known to be easy-going and enjoy carefree fun. Orlando is the perfect destination for this! Famed for its epic theme parks, large shopping malls and nightlife, a photoshoot at Orlando can leave you with fun memories!

Here are the 12 recommended destinations for photoshoots according to your Chinese Zodiacs. We’re also having a special #LunarNewYearDeal promotion: US$20 OFF for 1-2 Hours Photoshoot in Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines! Click on this link to book now!

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