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SweetEscape's How To Plan A Surprise Proposal
09 Jul 2019INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Here at SweetEscape, we really want to make every moment of our Escapists' lives memorable, including your love journey. Arguably one of the most important moments towards the wedding day, proposals can be very difficult to plan, especially if you want to surprise your partner! Guys, do not worry, for we have compiled a list of tips for you to prepare the perfect surprise proposal in this first episode of SweetEscape How-To!

by Pooja for SweetEscape in Tokyo
by Pooja for SweetEscape in Tokyo

First thing first, you should have a list of things to prepare before your big day:

Things to prepare

The Ring! (Of course) Flower (Pick her favourite) Location Proposal speech + The Big Question Champagne or wine to celebrate A cover story A SweetEscape session
by Steven for SweetEscape in Sydney

1. Don't Tell Anyone!

by Kursat for SweetEscape in Cappadocia

The less people that know about your plan the better. It minimizes the chance of your plan being accidentally spoiled to your would-be fiancee, and it would also add to the level surprise both for her and for others. But, of course, both of your parents should know about it first!

2. Find Your Partner in Crime

by Mitsuru for SweetEscape in Kyoto
by Olga for SweetEscape in San Francisco

We know that preparing the perfect surprise proposal could be overwhelming to be done alone, so you should find one trusted liutenant to help you prepare and plan and also execute. Also, don't be shy to ask us to be your partner in crime! Just chat and tell us your plan, and we'll help you create the best moment to pop the question while capturing it!

3. Special Location for a Special Moment

by Stevan for SweetEscape in Bromo
by Stella for SweetEscape in Santorini

Public area? A memorable spot? Or a stunning natural location? If you're still confused, you can always ask our photographer to help you decide. We might have a secret hideout that is perfect for you! You can also check this article to get some ideas on most unique proposal locations, perfect for your need.

4. Avoid 'Special' Days

by Mizuki for SweetEscape in Tokyo

You might be tempted to do your proposal on 'special' days such as Valentine's Day, your partner's birthday, or your date anniversary. This is all okay, but if you're aiming to surprise your partner, do refrain from doing so! Even though the days are indeed special, it might become too obvious and your partner might have already expected it, so it will ruin the surprise.

5. The Ring Game

by Davide for SweetEscape in Florence
by Trevor for SweetEscape in Hong Kong

Most importantly, you should prepare the perfect ring! It doesn't always mean that the ring should be expensive, but it surely have to be memorable. One of the most difficult things in preparing the perfect ring is to guess precisely your partner's ring finger size. To do so, you can secretly steal one of your partner's ring and bring it to your favourite jeweller to make the perfect one for your big day!

by Zhanna for SweetEscape in Zermatt

Are you ready to create the perfect proposal for your fiancee? Above everything, your partner would appreciate it when they know that you have given your all in preparing the proposal. Don't forget that SweetEscape is always ready capture the moment for you! We capture any occasion, any time, anywhere. We connect you to a growing network of photographers in 500+ cities around the world, and your photos will be ready for download in 48 hours after the session via the SweetEscape app and our website. Book your session today and let's #MakeLifeMemorable!