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Types of Traveling Dads: Which One Is Yours?
11 Jun 2019INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Daddy, father, papa, papi, abba, abi, bapak, da-da, baba. Whichever way you call your dad, we all love and are forever thankful for our fathers' love for us. As people everywhere celebrate the International Father's Day on Sunday, June 16th, 2019, we recognize that when it comes to traveling, our dads can turn into one (or several) of these dads! Check out the list we've made of 'Types of Traveling Dads' and see if your dad fits into one of them!

1. The White Rabbit: Super Punctual!

by Kevin for SweetEscape in Shanghai
by Andy for SweetEscape in Amsterdam

I'm so late! I'm so very late! The White Rabbit from the story of Alice in the Wonderland could arguably be the most punctual fictional character around. Everything is already late, everything needs to be caught, even when you're literally still hours away from the point of being late.

If your dad turns into the White-Rabbit-type when traveling, you might need to have a lot of patience, for your dad might insist on going to the airport hours earlier than necessary just because he doesn't want to miss the plane, wakes up super-early in the morning to prepare everything, comes to the destinations way before the show starts or the shop opens, and likes to over-plan the trip with all the tiny details in place. However, there is actually the positive side to this: You won't miss anything, and you'll get to get all the best possible seats, plates, servings, and everything else. So, be grateful, and just go with the flow!

2. The Dude: Chillax...

by Mike for SweetEscape in Bali

“I’m the Dude, so that’s what you call me. That or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.” – Directly opposite The White Rabbit, The Dude from the movie The Big Lebowski is one of the most chillax characters around. He dresses in his bathrobe wherever he goes, wears the most comfortable slippers, and practically nothing in the world can make him lose his cool.

If your dad is The Dude type, you might enjoy how relaxed and chill he is under any circumstances. The plane took off? No worries. We'll catch the next one. The plane got delayed? No problemo. More time to relax and shop at the airport. The show got canceled? We can still catch the show tomorrow. Forgot your sunblock? Don't worry the sun won't kill you. The Dude-type dad will make sure that you enjoy your holiday to the max. However, you might need to urge him to be at least a little it punctual, since missing your transports and shows again and again might cost you a fortune!

3. The App Dad: Just Search It Online!

by Sophia for SweetEscape in Hong Kong

The App Dad is the one dad-type who's super reliant on the online search engines and its' many other features. Want to go somewhere? Open Google Map! Want to find a good place to eat? Look for its review on Tripadvisor! Want to talk to locals? Use Google Translate. With the current accuracy of these online platforms, this type of dads will survive just fine, but if you've traveled before you'd know that sometimes the locals know better than what's being reviewed and posted online. This poses a problem when your dad wants to follow the online suggestions faithfully, while you prefer to ask the locals.

Our advise? Be balanced! Ask your dad for suggestions online, and then bring him to talk to some locals for a second (or third) opinion on the matter. Should the answers be different, don't worry! Simply go with dad's online suggestions sometimes, and on other times insist on following the locals. He'd feel respected, while in the same time also experiencing interactions with the locals.

4. The Joker Dad: Punny, Cringey, but Loveable

by Polina for SweetEscape in Los Angeles
by Kevin for SweetEscape in Shanghai

Which is faster: Hot or Cold? Hot! Because you can catch a cold. If you cringe reading this joke, then you know that some dads are practically an endless source of these type of punny, cringey, but loveable jokes known as dad-jokes. If your dad is this type of dads, don't worry too much because his main focus during the trip would be to find as many window-of-opportunities as possible to deliver his punny jokes. Trust us, you might cringe and feel a bit annoyed at first, but you'll miss his jokes after a while.

5. The Globetrotter: Milage Collector and Seasoned Traveler

by Andi for SweetEscape in Bali

Does your dad have every membership of every milage club of every airline group ever? Does he get a free upgrade to business class out of his milage? Does he know his way around every corner and alley in your destination city? Then your dad fits The Globetrotter Type. Some dads are practically a living-breathing map and trip-guru because they've traveled the world long before you start considering it. If your dad is The Globetrotter, you won't have to worry about anything, for he'd already have the best plan for your holiday trip together, because maybe this is his tenth-time visiting your holiday destination! You can only wish that you'd catch up with his mileage when you're his age.

by Danica for SweetEscape in Nara
by Ken for SweetEscape in Sydney

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