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Things To Do With Your SweetEscape Photos While on Quarantine

How is everyone doing at home? We hope that you stay safe and healthy during this testing times. Looking for ideas to spend that loads of time you have in your hands now? Why not check out these interesting ideas of things to do with your SweetEscape photos while on quarantine that our team have prepared for you!

by Haris for SweetEscape in New York
by Haris for SweetEscape in New York

1. Time to Renew that Photo Wall with SweetEscape Photos!

Quarantine means your house is now your office and entertainment center for 24/7/ Maybe this is the time to redecorate your home and make it look fresh! Start by renewing that photo wall you have at your home by putting on some of your most treasured SweetEscape photos! It's a good way to look back at some of the happiest moments in your lives.

by Ariana for SweetEscape in Manila

2. Create a Physical Photo Album

Another way to make use of your SweetEscape photos is to actually print them out and put them on a physical album. Having a physical album is a good way to make sure that your memories truly last forever (remember those old black and white photos of our grandparents that we still keep?), even better than just saving them on your computer or phone!

by Nigel for SweetEscape in Manila

3. For Your Children: Do a Story Time with Your Travel Photos

We spend a lot more time with our family nowadays, so why not do a story time with your kids using your SweetEscape travel photos? Your children might not be born yet in that photos or were still too young to remember their first holidays with you, so now is a good time to look back and tell them how wonderful your holiday was in those photos?

by William S. for SweetEscape in Jakarta

4. Create Your Travel Inspirations Board

One good thing to do in situations like this is to always something to look forward to, to keep us going day by day through this tough time. Why not start planning and looking for inspirations for your next travel or holiday after the pandemic is over? You might want to revisit some of the most memorable places you've visited years before, or go to somewhere totally new for the first time. Either way, don't let this quarantine life supress your adventurous self!

by Hisham for SweetEscape in Singapore

We can't wait for the good times to come back, when we can create more beautiful memories with you and capture your life perfectly. Don't forget to check out our Instagram account @sweet.escape regularly for more fun games to help you go through this quarantine life. Stay safe and healthy, Escapists!