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Unique and Sweet! 4 Hidden Gem Places Around the World for Your Memorable Pre-Wedding Session!
18 Sep 2021INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

One of the moments that should not be overlooked before getting married is the pre-wedding photo session. With a pre-wedding shoot not only you can create moments with your partner, you can also have good photos to remember together. However, many couples are stumped when it comes to choosing a theme, dresscode, and location that fits their concept. To help you find locations for your precious moments, here are our four recommended locations that can serve as an inspiration for your upcoming pre-wedding shoot.

The Alleyways of Rome, Italy

by Kateryna for SweetEscape in Rome
by Kateryna for SweetEscape in Rome

When it comes to Italy, the beauty of this city is boundless, just like this one! In Rome, Italy, you can find various interesting spots for your pre-wedding, such as the Colosseum, or Castel Sant’Angelo. However, you can also take a picture just in the alleyways of rome. The streets are paved with cobblestones and the walls of the buildings give off a rustic mood and timeless feel for your photos. Plus you can also find hidden gem places that only locals know. Get ready to explore!

Pyrgos, Santorini

by Dimitris for SweetEscape in Santorini
by Stella for SweetEscape in Santorini

Pyrgos in Santorini, is just one of several attractive sights in Greece that must be visited and it is definitely an ideal place for capturing your pre-wedding moments. This place has earned the title as "Santorini's Hidden Gem" for good reason. It has the best 360-degree views on the entire Santorini island. It's also Santorini's most beautiful and well-preserved village, with the best examples of the island's five medieval castles, blue-domed churches, and whitewashed cave houses.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Quebec City, Canada

by Marc for SweetEscape in Quebec City

For Korean drama lovers, you might be familiar with this place. Because this place is one of the shooting locations for Goblin (2016). Le Château frontenac is a historic hotel in Quebec City, Canada. Opened in 1893, it adopted the French Renaissance architectural style and also draws certain elements from Victorian style of architecture. The unique building accompanied by the beautiful scenery makes this place worth visiting and will be a great place to capture your moments with your loved ones!

Bukit Pasir Busung, Bintan, Indonesia

by Niko for SweetEscape in Bintan

Bukit Pasir Busung is an excellent alternative for capturing your pre-wedding moments if you enjoy locations with unique outdoor views. Initially, this area served as a location for mining activities. However it has been discontinued and this place has been left untouched. Later on, it became a sand dunes which presents an interesting backdrop for your photos. Here you can also find a gorgeous blue lake that can make your pre-wedding photos appealing.

Of the four places recommended above, which one is your favorite? Wherever you plan to have a pre-wedding session, don’t forget to use SweetEscape because we connect you with hundreds of professional photographers that are ready to capture your moments in every city around the world. Your photos will also be ready for download 48 hours after your session. So what are you waiting for? Let's #MakeEveryMomentMemorable with SweetEscape!