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3 Special Ways for a Memorable Indonesian Independence Day in 2021!
17 Aug 2021INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Happy Independence Day to everyone in Indonesia! While this special occasion would normally be celebrated with various public festivities consisting from games to ceremonies, Indonesia Independence Day in 2021 would be conducted in accordance with the ongoing restriction on community activities. Though some of the euphoria is surely missed, there are ways to make this moment still memorable!

Here are 3 special ways that you can try for a memorable Indonesian Independence Day in 2021!

Celebrating From the Comfort of Your Home

by Eric Jodhy for SweetEscape in Bali

Just like since last year, public gatherings for celebrations are still a no-go this time. But from the comfort of your home, you can still celebrate with loved ones! Perhaps some ideas that you can try would be to decorate your home, take part in social media challenges or virtual games, or wear traditional clothing to add charm to the occasion and have it captured memorably!

Looking Back at the Milestones Achieved

by Joe S for SweetEscape in Jakarta
by Dian for SweetEscape in Bali

This marks the 76th Independence Day of the country, which is itself a big milestone. Just like how far this country has come, we can also look back to the milestones in life from the ones we achieved to those shared with loved ones. They are worth cherishing, and for memories of those important moments, SweetEscape photographers can help capture them for you!

Commemorate the Successful Moments

by William S. for SweetEscape in Jakarta
by Chris for SweetEscape in Bandung

Independence Day carries on the spirit of victory. And in celebration of this spirit, it’s also an opportunity to commemorate and be thankful for the successful moments experienced! Whether it’s a friendship anniversary, or an anniversary of the day you proposed, the chance to celebrate these milestone moments is the best gift in life.

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