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Welcome 2020 With A New Profile Photo

Whether your intent is to publish a New Year’s resolution or to bid the past year a sweet goodbye, better compliment your sincere message with an impressive profile photo that will surely make your followers double tap/give hearts. Say your goodbyes to your last-year pictures and bring on the new for an exciting start to a new year. Looking for ideas to upgrade your profile picture? Read on below for some photo tips that'll make your photo stand out!

by Joe for SweetEscape in New York

Face shot

What's a beautiful face doing without a proper face shot? You've got the face, you've got the looks. The only thing left to do is to capture your best angles close-up to highlight your best features. A stunning face shot never hurt nobody!

by Julia for SweetEscape in Zermatt

Half body shot

Whether you're quirky, fierce, sweet or classy as can be, display your authentic self in your photograph! Don't underestimate the power of half-body shots - you'll be surprised how these shots could work magic for you.

by Aleksandra for SweetEscape in London

Whole body shot

Add spark to your image with a spectacular backdrop. A stylish ootd on top of a scenic background... talk about instant #IGGoals! Step up your profile picture game using your best poses - you'll be sure to turn heads!

by Mei for SweetEscape in Bali

With a buddy

A dedication to your partner or a loved one is best expressed through a remarkable feature photo on your Instagram profile. Two IS better than one, afterall. So, grab your special person and have some (photo) shots together for the new year.

by Bruna for SweetEscape in New York

Let go of your worries and have SweetEscape do all the magic in making that perfect profile picture to be flaunted across all your social media platforms. With a new and improved profile photo, you'll be owning the year in no time!

by Gita for SweetEscape in Honolulu

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