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What Makes Tokyo Special as a Host for the Olympics?
31 Jul 2021INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is currently underway after a 1 year delay due to the pandemic. It is sad that many can’t travel to Tokyo, and no audience will be allowed to watch the games, but we have to give credit to Tokyo and the participating athletes for persevering to this moment!

While many can’t be there physically, we can always support our favourite team virtually and reminisce about the uniqueness of Tokyo. What makes Tokyo special as a host for the olympics? Let’s find out!

Culture and Hospitality

by Bramantya for SweetEscape in Tokyo

Hospitality is one of the things Japan is famed for, which is deeply rooted in their culture. A local word to describe this is “Omotenashi”. For many who’ve been to Tokyo, they’ve experienced this too from the destinations visited. For instance the unique Tokyo alleyway, called Yokocho, has this energy and comfortable feel that creates such a welcoming atmosphere.

The Natural Beauty

by William K. for SweetEscape in Tokyo
by Hideki for SweetEscape in Tokyo

Tokyo is a metropolis which continues to maintain harmony with nature. This deep appreciation can be seen from the abundance of trees and parks in the city, enabling the people to do various outdoor activities. One of the most well known parks in Tokyo is the Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, which is always beautiful even from cherry blossom to summer season.

Preserving The Past

by Ega for SweetEscape in Tokyo
by Pooja for SweetEscape in Tokyo

A quirky thing about Tokyo is how well past heritages are preserved. There are many temples and shrines that still look pristine, as well as cultural practices and traditional wear such as kimono being continuously embraced. The oldest temple in Tokyo is the Senso-Ji Temple, which has stood since 645!

Embracing The Future

by Deby for SweetEscape in Tokyo

While preserving the past, Tokyo also embraces progress, from technology and infrastructures to a lasting legacy in pop culture. This makes Tokyo captivating due to its contrast of traditional and modern. Shibuya being Tokyo’s busiest area is a good example of this, as it’s a finance centre and a hub for youth fashion and culture.

The chance to experience Tokyo in time for the Olympics is surely missed. But we can always look back through the captured moments and relive the uniqueness of this city in our mind. Also don’t forget to support your favourite country and athletes by watching the games through streaming!

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