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Why are “Ber” Months Popular for Weddings?
20 Sep 2023INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

September, October, November, and December are popular months for weddings! But have you ever wondered why so many people are eager to have their weddings at these months? To answer those curiosities, we’re here to share with you the main reasons why!

Fall Season

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September to November is Autumn! It’s a popular period for weddings because it offers very comfortable weather, not too hot nor too cold! September and October are also off-season for travel, meaning less competition from other couples booking their wedding during these months.

Holiday Season

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Towards the year-end, from November to December, is the peak holiday season! More people will be able to travel and free up their schedule. which means it’ll be easier to invite your loved ones to your wedding day!

Cheaper Rates

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“Ber” months are alluring for people to book their weddings because lots of vendors provide discounts and promotions from September to November as peak wedding season nears, and the year-end sales during December!

“Ber” months is an exciting time to have a wedding. Haven’t booked a photoshoot yet to capture this special moment? You can always count on SweetEscape as we connect you to professional photographers in 500+ cities worldwide to capture every memory in life. Smile, we’re here!