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InstantShare by SweetEscape at Fam Go Fest 2019
09 Jan 2020NEWS & UPDATESBY Ezra

Jakarta holds hundreds of events every year, attracting millions of both local and international attendees. Every one likes to document their visit to these events in photographs. However, with the volume of people coming to each event, it is almost impossible to get their photographs taken properly. Of course, every event has their own photographers team to capture the attendees for the sake of the organizer’s documentation, but the visitors themselves will usually only take photos using their own smartphones with limited results.

SweetEscape’s vision is to be a disruptor in the photography industry, and looking at this problem we felt challenged to come up with a system to enable instant, private, and hassle-free photo sharing during the events. The photos have to be shared quickly, with precision, and in a user-friendly manner, so that the visitors can leave the event already bringing home professionally taken photos of themselves in the event, shared directly to their devices.

We developed a facial recognition system that directly spots the face of an individual in a photograph and tag the individual in every photos taken during an event with their faces on it. The photos will be then compiled directly into an online album, and the user will get a link to access the album sent directly to their emails.

We tested out this new system during Fam Go Fest 2019, held in Indonesia Convention Exhibition BSD City from 19-29 December 2019. When a visitor enters the event, they will be greeted by our team and ushered to take a photo with our photographers in our booth. Our system will then detect their face and tag it with the email address they registered to us. After they enter the main event hall, our photographers will then take more photos of them, which will be stored automatically into their online album. Each user registered is able to download one free photo and purchase the rest of the photos with only IDR 10.000 / photo, directly to their devices.

Our booth in Fam Go Fest managed to attract almost 40.000 visitors during the 11 days event, and we managed to capture the fun they had with their families during the fun-filled event! We believe that with InstantShare, everyone can get their professionally taken photographs of an event easily. We are photography for every moment. SweetEscape, #MakeLifeMemorable!