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Why Visual Content Is King For Your Advertising
24 Jun 2020NEWS & UPDATESBY Natalia

1. Visuals Attract More Audiences

Although content is an essential part of marketing, visual content is just as important when it comes to attracting viewers and consumers. Popular social network platforms such as Facebook and Youtube are great examples of successful visual content users. Visual imagery and videos are a huge part of these platforms, and are what made them viral in the first place.


2. Why People Choose Visual Content

Creating visuals can be easy and learned

You'll need some special skills to produce stunning pictures or videos, but in reality, you can still create awesome visuals with simple tools to edit, create and animate.

Get message across faster

There's a separate part of the human brain specifically used to process visuals and imagery, and it happens t be a less busier part than the section used to process words. Hence, visual messages can be understood easier.

Easier to remember

Only 10-20% of text-based info can be stored into the brain's memory. With a simple step of adding a picture(s) to a text helps people recall as big as 65% of the information. Huge difference?


3. Benefits From Using Visual Content

Brand Awareness

65% of people are visual learners, meaning that they can absorb information better with the aid of images. 83% of consumers who watched a branded video remember easily, and tend to share it with their network.


Since visual content is more appealing, it's easier for a brand to increase their recognition and recall in their customers with imagery and visuals.

Company Profile

Images and videos can be used to engage your audience, especially when it comes to storytelling and giving the background story of your company. You can easily spike feelings of joy, happiness, and excitement through using visuals.


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