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4 Underrated Honeymoon Destinations in Asia
21 Sep 2018PLACESBY SweetEscape

There's no denying that vacation is the first thing that comes to your mind as a married couple. Planning and preparing for a wedding could be tough and complicated, but once the ceremony is over, you sure deserve the R&R that you've been wanting even before you head on to face the married life.

With so many wonderful destinations around the world that you could think of, let's not make this a continuation of your wedding stress—here are 4 underrated destinations in Asia where that much-awaited honeymoon is bound to happen:

Udaipur, India To describe Udaipur as beautiful is an understatement. The City of Lakes gives the traditional Indian vibe, with the charming temples and palaces that makes the perfect backdrop for couple photos. Also known as the most romantic city in India, you could enjoy wandering around Lake Pichola that may even count as an experience comparable of that when you’re in Venice. What makes it even better is that you could do this in Udaipur without breaking the bank.
by Amit for SweetEscape in Udaipur
Siargao, Philippines Some may just consider it as just another summer destination, but we assure you, Siargao could be your next haven as a couple. Aside from the fact that its beaches, specifically Cloud 9, offer a world-class experience for its beautiful waves perfect for both pro and beginners, the vibe in the island will captivate you. Lush tropical forests, native accommodations, and the friendly locals will give you the comfort that you both deserve. Basically, it’s a slice of heaven located Southeast of Manila.
by Janos for SweetEscape in Siargao
Phuket, Thailand While many couples aim for adventure, choosing Phuket would be best for intimate moments made in the most ideal sceneries. Phuket has a 50-km postcard-like coastline where you could watch the stunning sunset together in Ya Nui, stay up to join the nightlife scene in Patong Beach, or simply call it a night with a glass of wine in Kamala Beach where your luxury villa is, too.
by Samprasit for SweetEscape in Phuket
Nami Island, Korea Nami Island or Namiseom Island is a real charmer. With Instagram-worthy tree lanes, parks, and woodlands, take a spot and just enjoy the scenery together with your significant other here. There really is no best time to visit this island because all four seasons make the place equally fascinating. It’s practically like a date spot where both of you could do some reminiscing and more deep conversations, just like the good old days.
by Henliauw for SweetEscape in Nami Island

Entering the married life is no easy feat, so you deserve a memorable honeymoon to get you prepped up for that demanding but exciting experience! Let SweetEscape, with its pool of photographers from over 400 cities in the world including the locations mentioned above, save those moments for you.

On your first SweetEscape booking, use the code FIRSTESCAPE to get $50 OFF.


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5 Most Beautiful Savannas In The World
20 Jun 2019PLACESBY SweetEscape

At the mention of the word ‘ savanna”, your mind probably wanders to the vast grassy plains of Africa. But do you know that there are actually a few savannas in the world that are worthy of your attention? Even more surprising, some of the best ones are located in Indonesia, ready to be explored to your heart’s content. So without further ado, let’s unleash our inner Simba or Nala, it’s time to roam here in our 5 picks of the most beautiful savannas in the world:

Real Life Lion King, Serengeti (Africa)

by Chelsey for SweetEscape in Cape Town

Said to be a major inspiration to the movie Lion King, the Serengeti goes as far as the eye can see- and then some more. The seemingly endless grassland is located in Tanzania, Africa and is one of Africa’s most classic safari destinations. It’s the home of the Big Five, over 500 species of birds and Agrica’s most well-known great wildebeest migration.

With countless tour packages available for your choosing, more and more attractions are introduced including hot air balloon, camping, walking safaris and so on. Excitement aside, nothing beats the tranquility of just sitting and waiting for sunset or admiring the landscape up close.

The Stunning Jewel of Sumba - Puru Kambera, Sumba (Indonesia)

by Virgians for SweetEscape in Sumba
by Virgians for SweetEscape in Sumba

Home to East Sumba’s savanna, the grassland expanse is an iconic jewel that will struck any traveler with an awe-inspiring wonder. Just a 30-minute drive from Waingapu, the open stretches of grassland gets even more dramatic with backdrop of rolling hills at one side and oceanic stretch at the other. Cue in the galloping sandalwood horses and there you have it, the best nature scene one could ever wish for.

In fact, the golden-yellow savanna and blue skies have made the screen plenty of times in the movies. It’s also a highly-requested prewedding location, all thanks to the beach that is adjacent to the meadow with the same name.

The Soothing Colors of Nature - Palouse, Washington (USA)

by Fredy for SweetEscape in Seattle

The Palouse is the most serene and pastoral of the seven wonders of Washington. Located in the Southeast area of the state, the grassland boasts a unique landscape that is also a designated wheat and barley plantations. As the produce matures from time to time, the Palouse changes in colors too, from lush shades of green in Spring to crispy harvest brown in summer.

The meadow is a gem that captivates the hearts of many photographers, ready to hunt for the next most picturesque memory under the sun. One thing is for sure, with such wonderful sight to see, any shot is going to be as good as it gets.

Savana Selo- Mount Merbabu National Park, Salatiga (Indonesia)

by Hakim for SweetEscape in Yogyakarta
by Hakim for SweetEscape in Yogyakarta

We’re not kidding when we say some of the best savannas in the world is in Indonesia. Just check out our next contender, Savana Selo that is nicknamed after the pathway to reach it. With the majestic mount Merbabu as the backdrop, you can expect to find a few savanna spots, all with the same exotic yet carefree panorama. The beauty often stops hikers in their tracks, inviting them to take a long rest while absorbing the fresh view it has to offer.

Plenty of other mountains in Indonesia also share the same geographical feature of mountainous savannas. To name a few, there are Mount Sindoro, Mount Lawu, Mount Bromo, Mount Argopura and the list continues! So if you are yet to step foot in Africa or other foreign countries, Nusantara beckons your savanna visit anytime of the day.

Pretty in Pink - Nari Park, Seoul ( South Korea)

by Hendry for SweetEscape in Seoul

Nothing gets more instagrammable than the stretch of lovely pink savanna in the form of one endless park. It’s one of the most visited places in Korea during autumn, the pinkish and violet grass sway dreamily like one huge fluffy carpet.

The pink sea of flowers is not the only thing that you get to enjoy, because Nari Park also houses many different other floral species that share one thing in common : extra prettiness! Just get your camera ready and prepare to experience a day of natural beauty at its finest height.

by Virgians for SweetEscape in Sumba

Whichever savanna you decide to experience the "Circle of Life", let SweetEscape make those festive colors and joyful memories last a lifetime in print! We connect you to 2000+ professional photographers in more than 400 cities around the world, so all you have to do is to create your memories, while we take great photos of your every moment! (Use the code FIRSTESCAPE on your first SweetEscape booking to get USD50 off and let's) #MakeLifeMemorable!