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Short Trips From Los Angeles!
02 Apr 2018EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

The allure of Los Angeles' palm trees, breezy air and thriving art scene may be difficult to leave behind (it's nicknamed City of Angels and La La Land for a reason), but take advantage of being in the Big Orange and head to other places for even more colours. We have 5 recommended places worth visiting from Los Angeles - in only two or three hours!

San Diego

Looking for a weekend getaway near Los Angeles? San Diego is the place for you with its beautiful beaches, spectacular coastline and a myriad of things to do where you can surf and hike in just one fine day. Have the perfect day at the beach at La Jolla cove, then hike to Mount Soledad where the scenery is breathtaking and the night is lit. Stroll along the side walk of Little Italy, or escape to Balboa park, San Diego's urban nature filled with performing arts, lush gardens, museums and beautiful Spanish architecture.

by Glenn for SweetEscape in San Diego
by Glenn for SweetEscape in San Diego

San Jose

This Los Angeles getaway is where old Spanish roots and modern America merge. San Jose is the home of the infamous Winchester mystery house and the intricate Silicon Valley, perfect for those seeking a good ol' American holiday with a modern Costa Rican twist. Get a touch of old Spanish architecture, and don't miss out on taking a stroll at the Municipal Rose Garden where you can have a contemplative walk or spend a romantic day in one of America's most beautiful rose garden!

by Alfian for SweetEscape in San Jose

San Francisco

The perfect Southern California vacation spot, San Francisco is also widely known as the region's cultural center, housing a number of landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, the former Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, Fisherman's Wharf, and its Chinatown district. Don't skip the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, one of the most visited beaches in the United States! Here's a tip: get around on a bike, since San Francisco is also famous for its cycling residents.

by Alfian for SweetEscape in San Francisco
by Julia for SweetEscape in San Francisco

Las Vegas

Looking from a mini getaway from Los Angeles? Las Vegas is definitely more than just casinos and hotels. For one, the city is also home to several museums, including the Neon Museum, the Mob Museum and the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, Every first Friday of the month, the city's downtown region called 18b, The Las Vegas Arts District also hosts a celebration that includes arts, music, special presentations and food. Feel like lazying around instead? There are 68 parks to choose from!

by Amanda and John for SweetEscape in Las Vegas
by Amanda and John for SweetEscape in Las Vegas


A short, less than two hours flight away from Los Angeles, Phoenix is among the most visited cities in the United States due to its climate. There is no shortage of activities you can do in Phoenix, from checking out the city's thriving arts scene, visiting its dozens of museums and of course, its plethora of outdoor attractions, such as the Phoenix Zoo (the largest non-profit zoo in the country) and the Phoenix Botanical Gardens (which features the largest collection of arid plants in the United States.

by Shannon for SweetEscape in Phoenix

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