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SweetEscape Picks: 9 Top Fall Destinations
06 Sep 2017EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

Saying goodbye to summer means embracing autumn season in full, and yes we couldn’t be more delighted about it! From the regale Europe to oriental paradise of Tokyo and Korea and more, here are our 9 top pick for fall destinations and that picture perfect memory :

1. Paris

by Tim for SweetEscape in Paris

To be fair, Paris is always worth visiting all year round but fall could be just the best time yet for many reasons. First, it’s less crowded not from international travelers but also from locals who visit from nearby cities. Second, there’s colors everywhere - the parks turn yellow, orange and crimson bright. Not to mention, it’s the best time to enjoy outdoor terraces and gardens. Last but not least, it is less expensive!

2. Montreal

by Genevieve for SweetEscape in Montreal

Many has recommended fall as the best season to explore Montreal’s gorgeous city architecture. Simply because the place comes vividly alive with all the best colors of fall. In addition to the gorgeous leaves and streets, there are also specific events such as Chinese Lanterns Festival or Pop Montreal Festival.

3. Vienna

by for SweetEscape in Vienna

Not only does the temperature drop, the visitor numbers too will dwindle significantly - leaving Vienna an even more romantic place for two. It’s also a season for theatres, operas and museums to present new temporary exhibitions. More importantly, autumn is the peak of vineyard harvest, which means that it’s the most ideal time for some hill-waking then taste some wine for that leisurely long afternoon in style.

4. New York

by for SweetEscape in New York

New York gets even more magical when in autumn. Nothing is more iconic than the soft reds of autumn foliage shedding their gorgeous leaves along the streets of Manhattan. With halloween around the corner, expect to witness extraordinary celebrations in every corner of the street or get served pumpkin delicacies available all around.

5. Budapest

by Jager for SweetEscape in Budapest

Festivals, feasting and the great outdoors, Budapest glows in the shimmering golden autumn light while the city enjoys an endless array of cultural treats. It’s the time to celebrate national beverages and foods with the locals and their annual festivals, some of which are food-related too ( the best kind, right?).

6. Reykjavik

by Michalina for SweetEscape in Reykjavik

The best time to visit Iceland? The answer is autumn because of the Northern Lights and the lower prices! The days in Reykjavik during fall season is shorter which makes it less desirable for sunrise chasing, but come evening and that’s where the sky dances with the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring Northern Lights. And yes, cheaper trips makes for happier peeps!

7. Seoul

by Allen for SweetEscape in Seoul

Autumn in South Korea? “ Seoul” romantic indeed. The country is going to be painted in the best palette of autumn hues, from glorious crimson, rich orange to vibrant earthy colors unrivalled by even the best painters. There are plenty places offering festivals too during the season, but we’re sure that wherever you choose to be - it’s going to be delightful and make you FALL in love all over again.

8. Kyoto

by Keiko for SweetEscape in Kyoto

Japan is going to be covered with autumn leaves of the most beautiful shades, including Kyoto that is famous for its special Kyoto Fall Foliage trips. You get to spend your days admiring autumn colors in the best hand-picked places by the expert. And of course, it’s the perfect timing for festivals, including the halloween season where Japanese quirky vibes come full force for your enjoyment.

9. Copenhagen

by Sla for SweetEscape in Copenhagen

Few things can be compared to the coziness and allure of Copenhagen in fall. The weather is cool and crisp, while your eyes can feast on the heavenly brilliant autumn colors. No more scorching heat as you take in the magnificent city that is usually less packed. Visit the Natural History or Denmark or other wonderful cultural events for an unforgettable fall trip with your loved ones.