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Where to Travel in Asia During the Month of October
13 Oct 2017EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

A season for poetic souls, October brings a stir of elegiac, painterly beauty; the crisp air breezing through our favorite cashmere, while summer is still springing in the southern east Asian hemisphere. Whatever seasons one’s soul yearns for, there is something worth traveling for this October month.

by Albert for SweetEscape in Kyoto

Ah, Kyoto - the land of rising sun and historic shrines. The temples of Japan are some of the most awe-inspiring buildings, and as the foliage paints its gates the view becomes even more jaw-dropping. The gardens comes alive with fiery red leaves painting the orange tore gates. Kyoto is transformed into so much more in this month of October and its tranquil beauty comes into peak with glorious hues of reds and oranges.

by for SweetEscape in Seoul
by for SweetEscape in Seoul

The streets filled with Gingko leaves falling - and the smallest breeze showers roads with autumn leaves. Seoul transcends a taste of poetry in fall, and keeps you connected to the festive lights of the city. Take a ride to Nami Island and witness its melodic shift in seasons - running trees changing colors to hues of golden and red, a crisp ruffling through every leaf, gentle wind dancing in circles round your nose.

by Raphael for SweetEscape in Taipei

October - a window of travel in Taiwan, as whirlwind season fades off and autumn arrives, bringing blue skies and sweet crisp breeze of tail end’s wind. Stroll the streets of Taipei and warm up with a hot mug of milk tea and piping hot Xiao long bao. Each bite bursting with zests of warmth.

by Himanshu for SweetEscape in Mumbai

India, land of the festive and cultural fête. Mumbai is swarmed with celebrations for the trinities as its fiesta comes into peak in October. The monsoon season gives travelers the perfect weather to roam the streets of this land of spice, chapatis and heritage landmarks.