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Instagrammable Places You Won't Believe Exist in Indonesia
01 Aug 2017EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

We often encourage our worldwide audience to bring us along whenever they travel to Indonesia. We're not just talking about Bali, this country has so many beautiful places that offer stunning photogenic spots. Here's our collection of Wonderful Indonesia through the lenses of our talented photographers that will make you sigh with pleasure and fuel your wanderlust for more.

The Aquatic Bliss of Derawan Islands

Your photographic trip to Borneo of Kalimantan wouldn’t be complete without the Derawan Islands on your list. This place offers a spectacular diving, golden beaches and tranquility unlike any other. With the vivid horizon in the distance, the white sandy beach tore an uninterrupted line that separates the true blue of the deep ocean with the heartwarming sky blue dotted with speckles of white clouds above. Our verdict : Total bliss.

The Alluring Lombok

SweetEscape in Lombok

Often overshadowed by the more popular Bali, many visitors are missing out on the equatorial allure of Lombok. Lined with exquisite white-sand beaches, epic surf, Rinjani volcano, a lush forested interior, and hiking trails through rice fields and, Lombok is the hidden paradise that is set to take your breath away instantly. The iconic swing of Gili Trawangan is just one of the many gems you’ll unearth when in Lombok.

The Soulful and Artistic Bandung

SweetEscape in Bandung

Bandung will always make the list of SweetEscape for many reasons. Not only favored by many for its adjacent location from the capital city, this charming little sister of Jakarta is a chockful of natural wonder and urban haven all at once. Bandung holds a certain art deco charm that we simply can’t get enough of. With that old world vibe meets vintage European architectural style, Bandung is a little surprise waiting just around the corner with its amazing landscape and sceneries.

The Hidden Treasure of Padar Island

SweetEscape in Padar Island

The most beautiful island in the Komodo National Park, this tri-colored beach is every traveler and photographer’s dream comes true. A visit to Padar Island is like a trip back in time where you return to the lap of sweet mother earth. It will be just you, the barren land and no man-made infrastructures in sight. But therein lies the beauty and sweet fantasy of a trip curated to satisfy your inner backpacker at any time!

The Glorious Labuhan Bajo

SweetEscape in Labuan Bajo

Labuhan Bajo is making waves and has long been in our travel radar. This developing town is a mix of romantic rustic wooden cottages and idyllic harbour with a sweeping sea view. The gorgeous offshore islands offer the most glorious sunset spots while the thriving background of the place hums with lively rhythm, ready to rock every traveler who sets foot in the ever perfect Labuhan Bajo.

These 5 incredible indonesian places are just the tip of the iceberg in our SweetEscape’s local travel list. Watch as we grow and explore every inch of our wonderful country, one paradise at a time.