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Andra & Tanya: Making Friendship Last
27 Aug 2018EXPERIENCEBY SweetEscape

According to psychologists, if a friendship lasts for more than 7 years, then it’s likely to last a lifetime. Andra Alodita and Tanya Larasati have almost doubled that number... and their friendship is still going strong!

Both beauty influencers are adept in their field of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Many of us have heard about their story of friendship, and some of us have even been touched by it. Andra and Tanya's sisterhood began thirteen yeaars ago, when they were still teenagers trying to figure out their places in the world. The friendship has seen both of them through endless dates, marriages, and now motherhood.

Needless to say, the special bond they share only gets stronger through the years. Despite their busy schedules and packed activities, it’s amazing and empowering to see these two girls transform into very capable and highly resourceful ladies, with a career and a family to manage, and at the same time, still putting priority on their friendship along the way.

by Dalvin for SweetEscape in Melbourne

Curious how these babes do it? Check out their tips for keeping their friendship strong through the years:

1. Set regular quality time

If there’s anyone with a schedule busier than many of us, it’s these two. Yet amidst their hectic life, Andra and Tanya always manage to arrange for a quality time together. They set a special time aside, dedicated to reconnect and get to know what’s going on in the other person’s life - not just a quick meet-up for a coffee, but a heart-to-heart talk with no distraction and to give each other their full attentions. The key is to make an effort, because life passes us by so quickly that if friends don’t make the time, then the friendship might as well never persevere.

2. Keep it real

For Tanya who is really more like the big sister between the two, Andra is someone that she can always count on for tough love and honesty. “It’s important that we keep it honest and real, because love doesn’t just come from sweet or sugar coated words, but positive criticisms as well," Tanya said. That’s why she can always rely on Andra for her rare candid virtue and vice versa.

These two are also known for being open and ready to talk about any issue that might come up. Nothing is more important than making sure that friends stay on the same page, so take it from Andra and Anya who prefer to always put honesty and transparency above anything else.

3. Remember that the little things count

Just a simple hello, a quick call, a short message - anything counts! It’s the effort that matters.

For Andra and Anya who have a lot of similarities in life, there are things that set them apart too. But they never let differences be the wedge that drives friends apart. It only takes 5 minutes of your time to greet your friends and ask how they are doing, just to show you care and that you’re thinking of them. This little trick is definitely what keeps Andra and Anya inseparable through the years.

The best of friends don’t always have to be glued on the hips 24/7. They can grow apart, but as soon as they are together, it's like they have never left.

by Dalvin for SweetEscape in Melbourne

by Dalvin for SweetEscape in Melbourne

by Dalvin for SweetEscape in Melbourne

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