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SweetLove with Andrea: 12 Most Memorable Surprise From Significant Others
05 Jul 2018STORIESBY Andrea

Our resident catwomanizer, Andrea Gunawan, is back at it this Friday with another installment of SweetLove with Andrea. This time she's here to make our hearts flutter with feelings of warmth and fuzziness. Sweet, sweet, sweet stories about memorable surprises that she compiled from her audience. If that wouldn't inspire you or make you want to plan something special for your special someone, we don't know what will.

Take it away, Andrea!

by Reza Adigraha for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Hi everyone, Sometimes being with our partner for so long, we start taking them for granted. Rarely do most of us take the time to let them know how much they truly mean to us, and not just by posting a seemingly candid, picture perfect photo, followed by a cheesy caption and a #RelationshipGoals hashtag on Instagram just to gain likes and comments.

Some of us may choose to shower our significant other with lavish gifts and fancy meals once in a while, but we forget that love can’t be bought. And while money may certainly help, even the smallest tokens of love and appreciation can not only make your partner feel great, but also make your relationship even stronger. It’s the surprise factor of that random act of kindness that makes your significant other realize they are loved—and that when it comes to dating you, romance isn't dead.

The key is thoughtfulness. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Chocolate, notes, and roses do, too. Here are the 10 most memorable surprises I managed to compile from my beloved followers:

1. A Surprise For A Surprise

“I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved Singapore, so that’s where I always go to on my birthday every year. This time my girlfriend surprised me by planning and organizing a quick getaway to Singapore for my 27th birthday. And since I never really succeeded in surprising her, I decided to pop the question the night before we were supposed to fly back. She thought I was just messing with her until she saw the ring. Of course she said yes!”

by Lisa for SweetEscape in Paris
by Ben for SweetEscape in Shanghai

2. How to Surprise A Gamer

“I’m an avid gamer. I play Battlefield with my squad almost every day. I once held the #1 infantry kills for Indonesia. The night before my birthday, I was playing as usual, and after I was done, my squad suddenly started singing happy birthday to me. It took me by surprise, because we were all playing anonymously this whole time, so I wondered how they found out about my birthday. Turns out, my girlfriend sneakily told my squad to wish me a happy birthday when I went out for a few minutes to feed the dogs. It was such a nice, unexpected gesture.”

3. It's The Thought That Counts

“I was broke and I found an excuse to give my boyfriend the most precious gifts of all: my time and attention. So I gave him a set of coupons which were totally customizable and easy to create. I gave him 22 coupons, such as 1 30 minutes backrub, 1 kiss and make-up, 1 quality time over a dinner date, 1 homemade meal, 1 room cleaning, etc. He absolutely loved it!”

4. Put It In A Letter

“Before I got married to my husband, we were in a long-distance relationship. He was stationed in another island that would take about 45 mins to reach on a speedboat. A day before Valentine’s Day, he came home and I picked him up. He told me he had a Valentine’s Day present for me and he gave me an envelope. Turns out it was an official letter stating that he would be stationed close to home. 2 months later we got married.”

5. Love Is The Best Medicine

“Just happened recently. I fell sick and had to be hospitalized. Unbeknownst to me, my boyfriend flew all the way from Jakarta to Melbourne to visit me in the hospital. He went to the hospital straight from the airport, equipped with some movies in his external hard disk drive so we could watch them together. He also ordered some food from the outside because I was bored with bland hospital food. He stayed in Melbourne for a week to be with me, and it really meant the world to me because we are in a long-distance relationship. He didn’t even buy a return ticket until he made sure we had enough quality time together and also with our families. It really made me happy, especially because I didn’t expect this at all. Little did I know, he had planned this with my mom’s help. It turns out that my mom kept him updated by sending him photos of me when I was asleep. So happy to know they get along really well!”

by Sandy for SweetEscape in Jakarta

6. Pretty Romantic

“My boyfriend is the least romantic person on earth. But 4 years ago, on my 1st birthday spent with him, he made me a cake which he baked and frosted himself. He even gave me a bouquet of 21 roses to match my age at that time. I didn’t expect anything from him and the cake wasn’t perfect, but his efforts made him perfect for me.”

7. A Little Creativity Goes A Long Way

“I just moved to a new place which didn’t have a proper air circulation, so it felt really hot in the evening and I had a hard time sleeping because of it. My girlfriend decided it would be a great idea to give me this box of “Good Night’s Sleep Kit”, which consisted of a brand new fan, mosquito repellent spray, condensed milk, and a love letter saying she hoped it would help me sleep better at night. It worked!”

8. A Key To Her Heart

“Last year’s Valentine’s Day, when every other girl got roses, chocolate, and stuffed animals, my boyfriend gave me a house key, saying the house would be mine anyway. We’re married now.”

9. It's In The Little Things

“I’d gotten a bouquet of flowers delivered to my workplace. I’d gotten breakfast in bed and gifts for women’s day. I’d gotten a giant teddy bear on Valentine’s Day. But the most memorable one was when I walked into my bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen squeaky clean, with a note saying how precious I am to him.”

10. Say It With Food

“I was having my PMS and I was in a really bad mood that I kept pestering my boyfriend in order to get his attention. He responded by ignoring me, and moments later, there’s a delivery guy outside, bringing me my favorite food with a note saying “Stop being so annoying.” Turns out he was busy ordering food for me when he wasn’t responding to my chats.”

11. A Grand Gesture

“We were in a long-distance relationship before we got married. He lives in Switzerland and I lived in Jakarta. One day, he told me that he was going hiking so he would be out of touch for a while. I didn’t think of anything so I said have fun while I spend some time catching up with my friends at a cafe owned by one of them. I was waiting for my food when my boyfriend came out of the kitchen to bring me my food! I was so surprised that I instantly burst into tears!”

by Reza Adigraha for SweetEscape in Jakarta

12. All About The Tempeh

“My boyfriend isn’t big on grand gestures, but he often surprises me with little things, such as arranging autumn leaves on a roadside bench to form a “Happy Anniversary”, or bringing me a rose after he went home from work. But one day, he got home with a smile on his face and his hands behind his back, saying, “Close your eyes! I have a surprise for you!” It turns out he’d brought home a block of tempeh saying it’s hard to find raw tempeh in Germany. Unbelievably unforgettable!”

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7 Things To Do Before 2019 Ends
03 Dec 2019IDEASBY SweetEscape

SweetEscape is an on demand photography platform. Tired of hearing the overused new year, new me slogan from your circle of friends and acquaintances? Believe it or not... we are too! It's great and all in the sense that people would like to change within the new year (hopefully) for the better. But think about it, why wait for the new year to improve yourself as a person? At least, SweetEscape would like to (if we may) propose that improving, re-vamping and enhancing yourselves shouldn't be a yearly thing - if anything, it should be an everyday thing! "What? Are you serious?" You're probably asking. Life is short, escapists, and it's definitely too short to not make any changes in our lives so that we better ourselves for others as well. With that said, here are 5 things that you could do before the year finally ends:

by Bruna for SweetEscape in New York
by Bruna for SweetEscape in New York

1. Give Your Home/Personal Space A Fresh New Appeal - Declutter Your Life

As humans, we don't stop growing throughout our lifetime. The things we enjoyed doing when we were younger may differ from the things we now enjoy, and that's because we don't get any younger. Perhaps you adored your toy/figurine collection when you were in your teens, and was your number 1 prized collection in your entire room. Or maybe, you were the type to hang posters of your favorite bands and role models on the walls of your room, much like that of a late 80's or early 90's teen bedroom. Surely you've gone a long way from there, and if you haven't transformed your room that much... now is the perfect time to do so! Rearrange your furniture, or maybe even Feng shui it up - it won't hurt! You'll feel a thousand times better in a freshly organized room.

by Tina for SweetEscape in Rovaniemi
by Tina for SweetEscape in Rovaniemi

2. Get Rid of Old/Worn Out Clothes - New Wardrobe Time!

A whole year is a long time, 365 days long to be exact. When the same clothes are worn repetitively even over a period of 1 year, they can still become over-worn if worn too often. It's now time for you to, if not get a whole entire new wardrobe, re-vamp your closet and outfits. Do your clothes still fit properly? Are they still wearable in the times ahead? Can you still see yourself wearing your current outfits? If you answered no to all or most of them, then chances are that you need to toss them in the bin and purchase new ones. For future reference, go shopping for clothes that are more durable and timeless - that way, you wouldn't need to re-vamp your closet too often (hopefully). If your closet is mostly filled with bright and youthful colors, then try to balance it out by adding more neutral colors to your collection of items.

by Freddie for SweetEscape in Melbourne
by Freddie for SweetEscape in Melbourne

3. Throw Out Items From The Past - Time To Move On

Have a careful look of your belongings, and recall whether were personally purchased or given by a certain person in the past. Perhaps you were in a committed relationship that just didn't last, and that's totally fine! People grow together while some just grow apart instead. In the case that you still have those belongings from your previous partner, or simply any item that brings back memories of your time together - let those items go and head on to a new chapter of your life. It could also be items that remind you of a certain time way back when, and perhaps you were a lot happier then than you are now. Having those items could really make you stuck in the past and eventually hinder you from moving forward. You wouldn't want that, would you? SweetEscape believes in you!

by Albert for SweetEscape in Kyoto
by Albert for SweetEscape in Kyoto

4. Give Thanks, Share With Those In Need

One of the most important things people tend to forget, is to pause for a moment and reflect upon what they have received in life. Often times we would forget about the things we have in life, and even the little things that matter are often missed. We don't blame you, life can get really tough at times... and during those times it's especially hard to sit back and be thankful for perhaps anything. Clear your mind and start from the smaller things. Do you have a roof over your head? Put aside the fact that your toilet is often clogged, or that your wooden floor is not the kind of wood that you prefer. Be thankful that you actually have a home - be thankful you aren't homeless! Do you have access to enough food and water on a daily basis? Then that's another simple thing to be thankful about. Remember, start with the little things. You'll be surprised as to how fortunate you are compared to many lives out there.

by Zhanna for SweetEscape in Zermatt
by Zhanna for SweetEscape in Zermatt

5. Review Your Failures, Learn From Them

For as long as we're living on this planet, we will be making human errors - and it's inevitable. Mistakes aren't bad because you're expected to make them to be able to grow as a person. The more mistakes you made, the more you learn to avoid repeating the same mistakes again. If you have siblings, you probably have memories of their toddler days. Babies are curious beings, and chances are that you and your siblings were as well. Perhaps your parents told your kid sibling to not touch fire, but as expected, they did anyway. What happened next? Your sibling screamed in shock and pain, and your parents would give them the "I told you so" reaction. After this incident, we would like to believe that your sibling never repeated that same mistake again.

by Alina for SweetEscape in Paris
by Alina for SweetEscape in Paris

6. Take A Solo Trip Somewhere

Growing up is hard, we'll give you that. But adult-ing is even harder! Think about it, first it's the school, then your first job, afterwards fall in love with your special someone, but you forgot to learn about taxes, then you'd have to learn about taxes, and don't forget the bills - electricity, water, and your groceries. We're not even half way done listing all of the adult-ing activities, but you generally get the idea. Since adults live such stressful lives, it's necessary for them to relieve from stress, de-stress and escape from the usual burden-some routine. Not to mention, adult lives seem to attract so much nuisance and irritating people almost on a day-to-day basis. For you and yourself alone, you should remember to take some time for yourself. In this case, we suggest for you to take a solo trip somewhere nice and serene where you can be free of all of your worldly problems for just a little while. It'll help you refresh your mood before the end of the year and beginning of a new year.

by Bruna for SweetEscape in New York
by Bruna for SweetEscape in New York

7. Release/Let Go of Negative Feelings, Grudges And Resentments

Last but not least (pay very close attention to this one) is you should release all feelings of anger, grudges and resentment towards anyone who have wronged you. It ain't easy, we know! But the thing is, having all of those pent up negative emotions are far from good for your mind, body and soul. You might not realize it now, but you'll slowly start to see how everything unravels as you prolong those feelings within you. If you'd like to let go of those negative feelings, try activities such as yoga and mediation. They're highly beneficial for your well being. If that happens to not be your cup of tea, then you could start a journal of all the things you feel. Trace it back, and find out why you feel those things. Once through, ask yourself, "Is all of this anger worth my time and energy?". Chances are, the person whom you have pent up emotions towards have long forgotten about their bad deeds to you, so why waste your time? They too, will get their taste of life later on. Life is short, don't waste it on negativity!

by Yunika for SweetEscape in New York
by Yunika for SweetEscape in New York

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