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SweetLove with Andrea: The Things Your Friend Did That Changed Your Life
28 Aug 2018EXPERIENCEBY Andrea

Another Friday means another day with our resident Catwomanizer and another installment of SweetLove with Andrea. This week, she's bringing some "chicken soup for the soul" in the form of heartwarming stories about friendship. The world needs a little more love everyday and it's stories like these that makes us feel hopeful, knowing that there are good people who are changing lives simply by sharing their hearts.

Take it away, Andrea.

by Marcel for SweetEscape in Bali

Hi everyone,

They say friends are the people who make you smile a little wider, laugh a little harder, and live a little better. They say friends are the people who accept you as you are, but they also help you become who you should be. For me, it was in 2015 when my BFF saw how wrecked I was after my wedding got called off and she signed me up for a group therapy workshop that cost her 7 millions Rupiah! It worked and the therapy helped me let go and move on, and for that I’d eternally be grateful.

Yesterday I asked my followers to share their stories and here are eight heartwarming stories on the things their friends did that changed their lives.

1. He killed my ego.

"My bestie once said, before I fix my business, I had to fix myself, be secure and love myself enough to fix my relationship. The thing is, I’ve always been such a proud person because I’m usually so good in the workplace. But my friend told me to kill my ego, be open to advice, open myself up and work on myself and my relationship first. I did. Now my man and I are engaged, and my friend is my bridesman. And my business? We didn’t fail. Instead, we grew even stronger and bigger. His advice made me more grounded, grateful, and open. He and I are such workaholics that it was weird that he ended up not giving me advice on work. But he’s right. Fix yourself first. Surround yourself with love. Then the rest follows."

2. She saved me.

"I was going to kill myself on my birthday 3 years ago. I was so depressed at the time, I couldn’t think of a better alternative. I didn’t expect it at all, but my friend came all the way to my house, with a cake and a little surprise party. I was so touched by her kind gesture, that I couldn’t help but cried. I told her my battles and she encouraged me to seek professional help. I wouldn’t have stayed alive here to tell you my story if it wasn’t for her."

3. She made sure I knew I was loved.

"I was having a baby out of wedlock. I kept it a secret and pushed everyone away because it was easier that way, especially when I was pursuing an internship out of town. When my baby was 3 months old, my friend from my hometown suddenly got in touch and asked for my address so she could send me something. I thought she was going to send me some snacks or novel or whatever, and it turns out she’d sent me baby supplies! She also included a letter, saying she knew what I’ve been going through, and she told me she wished she could give me a big hug and she wanted to let me know she would always be there to support me no matter what. She made sure I knew that I was loved and I wasn’t alone."

by Rachel for SweetEscape in Monterey

4. She just listened without judging.

"I was struggling with anxiety attacks and it got worse to the point that I cried every time I woke up due to depression. I was thinking of ending my life, and I told my friend about it, and she told me about this self-healing program. She signed me up and paid for everything, saying it was my early birthday present. I was so touched because she acted on it without having to say much, and it really helped me. I feel a lot better now because when everyone kept judging me for the things I did or the things I didn’t, she just listened to me and took an initiative to put me in a self-healing class. That’s the sweetest thing a friend has done for me, ever."

5. She wanted to see me happy.

"I was at my lowest after my breakup. I kept crying and I couldn’t accept it at all. I called my best friend whom I consider my own sister, I told her everything, I cried, I shouted, and I told her I was going to end my life. She kept trying to calm me down, and later told me she had bought a ticket to this Toxic Relationship workshop you hosted, saying she hoped I would be able to let him go, that I would finally find peace. She said this is the best thing she could give me because she loves me and because she wanted to see me happy. I cried again because I was so touched by her kindness. Little did I know, she even bought me a return ticket from where I live in East Java to Jakarta just so I could attend your event. That workshop helped me think clearly and gave me strength to go on. I love her so much!"

by Andi for SweetEscape in Bali

6. She reminded me of God's love.

"I hit rock bottom in 2016. I was depressed and suicidal. I heard noises in my head and it scared me. I just returned to Indonesia for good at the time, but I lived far from my family. During that tough times, I had someone who was the for me, even in the middle of her meeting, she would still give me a call just to check up on me. She gave me a ride, drove me here and there, even told me to move in with her so she could take care of me when I was feeling so lost. I was so depressed that I stopped working, but she kept reminding me of how far I had come, that this was just a test. That for every setback, God has arranged a comeback. She reminded me to keep my faith, to trust in God, even helped me look for jobs. I’m so grateful I met her 15 years ago, she helped me get back on my feet. I wouldn’t have had this job if it wasn’t for her."

7. She took care of me.

"My best friend of 11 years, took care of me when I was hospitalized back in college days. She always visited me, accompanied me, even bathed me when I hadn’t had shower for days. I could only sit on the closet lid, and she patiently took care of me, she helped me get dressed. Oh God, we’d been through so many ups and downs together, but never for once we forget about each other. She made me realize, everyone needs this kind of friendship in this crazy world. I’m so grateful I have her in my life."

8. They made sure I finished college.

"When I was on my last uni term in Melbourne, my family suddenly went bankrupt. My friends chipped in to pay for my tuition fee and told me to just focus on my study. When I finally graduated and had to go back to Indonesia for good, one of them paid for my graduation fee and the shipping fee of my belongings, another one got me a plane ticket so I could go home before my visa expired."

Remember, a solid support system is the best medicine. Even if you haven’t met that kind of friend yet, you can still be a friend to someone else who’s in need.

Love, Andrea

by Michalina for SweetEscape in Reykjavik

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