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A Glimpse In The Married Life of Kryz and Slater Young

We’ve known Kryz way back during her blogger days since she’s one of the awesome girls of #BloggerBesties. We’ve seen her evolution from #BehindtheBlog, getting married, and now growing her own family with her hubby, Slater! We’re thrilled and delighted by this new journey of Kryz and Slater as a couple.

by Marcel for SweetEscape in Cape Town

Their adorable and fun SweetEscape photo shoots showed how they are as partners. But now, let’s get to know them a bit more as we take a glimpse of their married life through these questions.

by Marcel for SweetEscape in Cape Town

How’s married life so far?

Married life is AMAZING. I didn’t expect it to be this easy! It feels like Slater and I are playing house every day. I guess if you marry the right person, it isn’t so much work after all!

Can you describe each other in one word?

Slater is Inspiring, and Kryz is caring.

Describe your relationship as a couple

It’s easy. It just works! We both respect each other, respect our time together and respect our personal space too. We both care for each other deeply, and don’t need much to prove that to each other.

What are you looking forward to this new chapter as a married couple?

We are having a babyyyy!

Would there be a trip before the baby comes?

We just had our last one in Siargao Island, Philippines. It was our Anniversary and Babymoon celebration in one, and it was glorious. The perfect way to rest and rejuvenate before the baby comes.

by Marcel for SweetEscape in Cape Town

Any tips for couples who are about to get married?

Enjoy the process. Make sure you guys are on the same page about the things we don’t really like talking about (ie Money, Religion, Family). Once that’s all set, ENJOY! You’re only a bride once (hopefully), milk it!

When was your last SweetEscape session? How was your SweetEscape experience?

In Seoul Korea with my family. We had a fun photoshoot wearing their national costume. The photos turned out so great! My parents were so impressed!

When will you book your next SweetEscape session?

Next chance I get to travel again, most definitely!

by Marcel for SweetEscape in Cape Town

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