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Let's Appreciate the Amazing Front Line Heroes Everywhere!
07 May 2020EXPERIENCEBY Ezra

COVID-19 has forced almost everyone of us to stay at home and work from home. After almost two months of working from home, it is natural to miss your buddies from office or school, and wanting to go out. Hang on a little longer though! Many countries around the world have started to report that there are fewer number of infected cases daily, and plans to ease the quarantine and restore a little bit of normality have been talked about everywhere, which is a good thing!

by Sweet Escape for SweetEscape in Jakarta

While staying at home a little while more, let us not forget that there are people who can't stay at home like most of us. These are the front line heroes that are fighting these pandemic head-on, keeping our lives going during this global pandemic. Let's join SweetEscape to appreciate these amazing individuals who are still working out there!

1. Medical Professionals & Volunteers

by Mark for SweetEscape in Manila

The real-life superheroes during this pandemic is the countless number of medical professionals and volunteers around the world, risking their lives everyday to treat the COVID patients. We've seen and heard many stories of doctors, nurses, and other health care workers who literally puts everything down, to care for the hundreds of thousands of patients in hospitals worldwide, sometimes at the cost of their own lives. To these amazing heroes, we salute you!

2. Groceries, Market, and Street Vendors


With malls and shopping arcades closing everywhere, some of us have found the much-needed weekly refuge by going to the nearest supermarkets, wet markets and convenience stores. Do you realize that this would not be possible without the contributions of the grocers and market vendors? While we can visit these stores for stress-relief every few days, the workers have to be there every single day, to make sure that we can still get our daily needs. Let's not also forget the street vendors still roaming the streets to make their ends meet and making food for people who are still working out there. We would like to express our gratitude to these amazing people!

by Ferry for SweetEscape in Solo

3. Delivery Workers

Restaurants and caf├ęs everywhere are converting to takeaways and delivery orders only during the quarantine, and this can never be done without the incredible work of the delivery workers everywhere, riding with their bikes or cars to deliver our cravings right to our doorsteps. Online shopping is also on the rise during the quarantine, and we can get our goods delivered in time because of the them! So let's thank the incredible delivery workers everywhere, still crossing the cities and countries to keep the economy going.

by Vincent for SweetEscape in Jakarta
by Vincent for SweetEscape in Jakarta

News Reporters & Media Workers

by Joe S for SweetEscape in Jakarta
by Michael for SweetEscape in Tokyo
by Bale for SweetEscape in Bangkok

Najla Hilabi, Mercy Widjaja, and Aviani Malik are news reporters and anchors for Metro TV Indonesia

We might not realize this, but the news that we watch and hear everyday are brought to you by tireless news reporters and media workers still going out of their homes to deliver us the latest updates from the world. Let us thank these amazing people for keeping us entertained and updated during our time at home!

Policemen and Women


Last but not least, we need to realize that the government's safety measures can only work when there are policemen and women on the streets, working tirelessly to socialize, encourage, and enforce to everyone all the social distancing and safety measures in place, such as curfew, mask-wearing, and physical distancing. On top of that, they are still doing their usual job: Managing traffic, catching bad guys, and generally keeping us safe. Kudos to the police!

by Ferry for SweetEscape in Solo

Everyone from SweetEscape and FOTTO would like to express our endless gratitude for the amazing service of the front line heroes everywhere! Escapists, let's continue to stay at home for these people risking their lives for us out there, and before long, we know that this, too, shall pass.