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Life Captured Perfectly by SweetEscape
09 Mar 2020EXPERIENCEBY Ezra

SweetEscape is the online on-demand photography company that connects you to thousands of local professional photographers in more than 500 cities around the world. There are so many moments to celebrate in your life, and every single one of them is worthy to be captured perfectly. Take a look at some of the most inspiring moments we've captured recently!

by Alex for SweetEscape in Fukuoka

Friendships Captured Perfectly in Fukuoka

Gabbi Garcia with Valeen Montenegro, Yasmien Kurdi, and Bea Binene

by Alex for SweetEscape in Fukuoka

Filipino actress Gabbi Garcia actually met Valeen Montengro, Yasmien Kurdi and Bea Binene on the set of a TV series they worked together on, and the relationship bloomed from there. After the show, they agreed to reward themselves with a vacation and impulsively booked everything to go to Japan the moment they talked about it during their filming day, and then everything followed. They had their Friendship #CapturedPerfectly with SweetEscape in Fukuoka, Japan!

Family Moments Captured Perfectly in Dubai

Joy Mendoza's Family

by Vera for SweetEscape in Dubai

Joy Mendoza and her family went to Dubai and during the trip, she was introduced to our service. She wanted to try using SweetEscape to capture her moment, and within a few days have set a schedule for a session with her family. What impressed her the most was how easy it was to coordinate with the assigned photographer. On the day of the shoot, Caylee, Joy's youngest of six children, wasn't in her best mood, but the session turned out to be very relaxing, laid back, and natural. Within 24 hours after the shoot, they could download the photos already. Joy and her family had their family moments in Dubai #CapturedPerfectly by SweetEscape!

A Surprise Proposal Captured Perfectly in Zermatt

Billy Davidson and Patricia Devina

by Julia for SweetEscape in Zermatt

It was December 28th, 2019. It was supposed to be a normal new year holiday for Billy and her girlfriend Patricia. They have booked a SweetEscape session for our visit to Zermatt, but secretly, Billy had been planning a surprise proposal for Patricia for almost 3 to 4 months, and he wanted to do it when they had their SweetEscape session! So after a few shots into our session, Billy suddenly kneeled and proposed to Patricia... And she said yes! Billy chose Zermatt because he and Patrica both loved snow, and Zermatt with its beautiful wooden house, perpetual snow, and the Swiss alps as the background, was the perfect place for the proposal. Billy and Patricia had their proposal #CapturedPerfectly in Zermatt, Switzerland!

Unforgettable Birthday Suprise Captured Perfectly in Jakarta

Najla Hilabi and MetroTV News Team

by Joe S for SweetEscape in Jakarta
by Joe S for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Friday, February 7th was a special day for some of Metro TV news anchors because their good friend and fellow news anchor Najla Hilabi celebrated her 26th birthday. On the day Ola (Najla's nickname) didn't know that she was going to be surprised. So the scenario was to invite Ola to her friend's daughter's birthday dinner, while her other friends told her that they would not be in Jakarta on her birthday. Long story short, during the dinner at Grand Indonesia Mall in Jakarta, her colleagues came up and surprised her. What surprised Ola more was that SweetEscape was also present, capturing the moment, because they believe that the birthday moment would be even more special and unforgettable when captured perfectly by SweetEscape. Ola and her friends had their birthday surprise #CapturedPerfectly by SweetEscape in Jakarta!

5. Events Captured Perfectly in Jakarta

Indonesia Millennial Summitt 2020 by IDN Media

by Willie for SweetEscape in Jakarta

As the official photography partner of Indonesia Millennial Summitt (IMS) 2020, SweetEscape attended and supported the annual event, held on 17-18 January 2020. SweetEscape captured every moment of the country's leaders and inspiring sessions for Indonesia's milennials. Taking the theme of Shaping Indonesia’s Future, the event highlighted a lot of interesting topics from the leaders in both public and private sectors, discussing and collaborating to tackle the current social and economy issues of Indonesia, with big name speakers such as Erick Thohir (Minister of State Owned Enterprises), Ganjar Pranowo (Governor of Central Java), and Najwa Shihab (TV Presenter) to name a few. IDN Media had their big event #CapturedPerfectly by SweetEscape in Jakarta!

by Vera for SweetEscape in Dubai

SweetEscape is here to capture your life perfectly. Book your session now through our app or website, enjoy your photo shoot, and download your photos directly to your devices in just 48 hours after your session.