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5 Amusement Parks to Make The Best Out Of Your Summer
17 Jun 2019EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

It's Summertime madness! Can we agree that summertime is THE primetime of the year? For many of us, summer is undeniably the best time of the year. A long break from work, a long break from school. Or maybe, you simply just need a time to get away to a place so sunny and warm. Looking for some summertime fun? Check out some of these notable places that are a must-see for you this summer.

1. Disneyland

Shanghai, China

by Kevin for SweetEscape in Shanghai
by Kevin for SweetEscape in Shanghai

Owned by (the obvious) Walt Disney Company, it is no surprise that the theme park is another paradise for you to enjoy located in the oriental city Shanghai, China. Its many attractions, entertainments, unique dining experiences and wondrous seasonal tours will most definitely give you a taste of heaven. Expect the same adrenaline rush in the park as you would at the other Disney parks everywhere else. The older you get, the farther your childhood days are left behind you. A trip to this place will ultimately bring you back the warm fuzzy feelings from your younger days. A trip tip from us, check out the Wishing Star Park in the theme park for a bucketful of exciting activities and have your photos taken by SweetEscape for some quality keepsakes to take home!

2. Universal Studios Japan

Osaka, Japan

by Tasha for SweetEscape in Osaka

With an annual attendance count of approximately 15 million visitors from all around the globe, the theme park is located in the beautiful Japanese city, Osaka. As one of the only four Universal Studios around the world, the theme park consists of numerous world-class attractions throughout its park. To ensure their visitors' comfort and satisfaction, the park also provides a range of different cuisines, entertainments as well as shops for you to experience and splurge on. Thinking of visiting more than a day? The park provides a number of hotels for you to stay in, for you to continue your themepark adventures the next day without any hassle. Since you are bound to have a wonderful time at the park, be sure to book with SweetEscape to document those moments into photographs for you to take back home.

3. Lotte World Adventure

Seoul, South Korea

by Hendry for SweetEscape in Seoul
by Hendry for SweetEscape in Seoul

With a history of at least 600 years of civilization, South Korea is famous for a lot of reasons. Seoul is very well known as the most historical part of the country, and offers a variety of cultural, artistic, traditional, and modern attractions. Despite its historical aspects, Seoul is also a modernized city. Within it, you will find one the most popular theme parks around the world, Lotte World. Home to over 22 different rides, expect to be thrilled by world-class attractions to fulfill that adrenaline rush of yours. Aside from the thrill-filled rides, the adventure park also provides you with three other popular attractions; Water Park, Undersea Kingdom and the Seoul Sky. With these facilities and SweetEscape's photography services, your summer will not go to waste.

4. Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen, Denmark

by Pebyana for SweetEscape in Copenhagen

Viva la Europe! When visiting Copenhagen, whether you are young or old, the Tivoli Gardens sis most certainly a stop that you should make. The amusement park surrounded by magical gardens provides entertainment for a very diverse audience. What other way to spend the summer than to be in a floral themed amusement park to carry you through the summertime holidays? The Tivoli Gardens is definitely a promising destination if you would like your summer to be remembered in a special way. Be prepared to enjoy entertainment ranging from thrill rides to concerts, and don't forget to grab some yummy grub from food hubs scattered all around the park.

5. Efteling

Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

by Roos for SweetEscape in Amsterdam
by Roos for SweetEscape in Amsterdam

Known as the world of wonders, the Dutch theme park is open every single day all year long for you to enjoy the endless wonders Efteling is known for. In this theme park located in Kaatsheuvel which is just a short drive out of Amsterdam, expect yourself to find it impossible to run out of entertainments; its reputation for being the biggest theme park in the entire Netherlands does have its reasons! With the rich European vibe throughout the park and in its attractions, be prepared to satisfy your mind, body and soul. If you think the park operates just like any other theme parks, you're close but not quite. Especially in the summertime, the park is open for you to enjoy until 11 pm at night - sounds like the perfect kind of deal, right? For every problem you have, Efteling has the cure and solutions.

by Tommy for SweetEscape in Seoul

Wherever you decide to spend your summertime fun, let SweetEscape make your trip memorable and long lasting in print! We connect you to 2000+ professional photographers in more than 400 cities around the world, so all you have to do is to create your memories, while we take great photos of your every moment! (Use the code FIRSTESCAPE on your first SweetEscape booking to get USD50 off and let's) #MakeLifeMemorable!