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5 Best Places To Celebrate Father's Day With Your Dad
13 Jun 2019EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

Quick question, who is your favorite guy in the whole wide world? Without missing a beat, we can easily answer this: “My Dad, of course!”. Just like mothers, fathers are the heart and light of the family, so obviously we can’t let the upcoming Father’s Day slide without a proper celebration for the number one man in your life! If you’re anything like us and love to honor the unsung hero of the family, it’s time to grab your father by his hand and take him to the best places to celebrate the most unforgettable Father’s day of a lifetime.

1. Dad the Football Freak: London

by Alexandra for SweetEscape in London
by Abi for SweetEscape in London

Football is probably one of the most ultimate bonding topics for dads and their kids. For many men, witnessing the glory of sports stadiums or live football competitions is listed on top of the their bucket-list. Needless to say, London will be the perfect choice as the world capital of football for this Father’s day. Legendary names like Wembley Stadium, Emirates Stadium, London Olympic Stadium, White Hart Lane, and Stamford Bridge are just a few examples to begin with since London houses over 20 historic stadiums and counting as new ones are being built. Guaranteed, not only your dad will be impressed, but any man or woman will as well!

2. Dad the Fisherman: Seattle

by Fredy for SweetEscape in Seattle

If the talks of sea monsters or record-catch excites him, look no further than Seattle to spoil your fisherman dad. Surrounded by some of the best deep-sea fishing in the world, your dad will surely experience being sleepless in seattle in this rainy state. making it as one of the world’s most lauded locations for its diverse fishing experience. Let's hope your dad doesn't run into Edward though (insert Twilight reference here).

For a quick reference, a few must-see fishing destinations in Seattle are Belvoir Place, Green Lake Park, Fairview Park, Aelliott Bay and Lake Washington. With all these places, we guarantee your dad will have some great fish'n'fun (no pun intended).

3. Dad the Adventurer: Auckland

by Chris for SweetEscape in Auckland

In search for some adrenaline-pumping, thrill-seeking and adventure-calling activities for your high-spirited dad? Auckland in New Zealand is ready to excite with its selection of dynamic activities in the nature. From the extreme ones such as sky-diving or bungee-jumping to a more moderate type such as rafting, canyoning or off-road riding, your dad is going to have his fun of a lifetime with you tagging along by his side. Everything sounds too intense? Don’t worry, light trekking or nature sightseeing is still going to be a wonderful way to celebrate Father’s Day together.

4. Dad the Outgoing One: Los Angeles

by Glenn for SweetEscape in Los Angeles
by Glenn for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

For the dads who love to enjoy everything in between, we recommend Los Angeles with its wealth of interesting things to do. The charming city has endless attractions that fit all ages, men and women. No one can resist top beaches such as Venice Beach, Santa Monica, or Malibu. How about some world class tourist destinations (Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Sign), or superb amusement park (Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland Park)? We bet your dad will say “Yes more!”.

5. Dad the Foodie: Bangkok

by Bale for SweetEscape in Bangkok

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his belly, so let’s aim accurately by taking him to one of the best culinary heavens in Asia. Not only famous for its abundance of delicious street food, Bangkok also has a wide variety of upscale dining, fancy restaurants, hipster cafes and excellent buffet fit for even the most selective food lovers. So sample your pad thai, somtam, then move to juicy jumbo prawns or tom yum, then finish off with some desserts ala local favorites such as Thai tea or coconut ice cream.

by Abi for SweetEscape in London

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