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5 Fashion Tips for Your Prewedding (Find Some Special Offers Inside!)
14 Sep 2018IDEASBY SweetEscape

For us girls, any occasion can be an excuse to play dress-up, especially for a major one such as your prewedding photography! We imagine you must have so many ideas, or maybe none for you clueless brides-to be out there. But fret not, SweetEscape is here to deliver some of the most fashionable yet easy tips for your pre-wedding outfits. So read on and get ready for some styling!

Choose The Dress

A prewedding photo session can be a parade of different outfits or maybe just one or two pieces. Regardless of how many outfits you have prepared, remember to pick at least one or the dress that truly shines and dazzles. Select one dress that is the star of the pre-wedding session, something that looks absolutely stunning, and has a touch of classic that will go beyond seasons or trends.

We personally love the superbly effortless and elegant style that our designer friend, Bramanta Wijaya, embodies. His collection ranges from full dramatic gown to something simple with a timeless and sophisticated flair. Take a look at his virtual gallery and we know you will be lusting over some pieces immediately.

by Sophia for SweetEscape in Hong Kong
by Sophia for SweetEscape in Hong Kong

Well, if you do, then good news for your SweetEscape fans because we have teamed up with the talented fashion maker. Get a 25% discount on Bramanta Wijaya Pink Label Ready-to-Wear collection by booking with SweetEscape during September! Hurry up and snatch the deal girls.

Get Accessorized

The rule with accessories is pretty much the same with your dress : “ choose classic”. Avoid seasonal trend with your pre-wedding accessories as you want to achieve that timeless and eternal feel with your pre-wedding photography.

Another guideline that we swears by is “ quality over quantity”, so try not to over accessorize but instead pick a statement piece of accessories to really highlight your overall look.

At SweetEscape, we’re obsessed with From Tiny Islands which perfectly translates everything we are looking for in accessories. From daily wear to something dainty and special for wedding and engagement with exceptional quality and classic touch, this brand has it all!


Want to enjoy their semi-precious stone collections or other customized materials and designs? Don’t miss out the chance to get a 15% OFF for Headpiece at FROM by From Tiny Island, simply by booking with SweetEscape this September!

Know Your Colors

Some colors are classified as photogenic, while some are not- and your outfit can be the main attraction to all the colors that are happening in the pre-wedding session.

Avoid overemphasizing colors such as orange, neon, or red and stick with complimenting colors such as cool, solid and neutral tones. If you want to add a dash of interesting pop to the shoot, you can also do so with certain accessories or props, for example your shoes, an umbrella, etc to make the photo stands out.

Patterns No No’s.

Big bold patterns can be quite distracting especially if there are too many of them going on at the same time. If you want to work with big bold patterns, make sure it’s subdued and sparring enough so that it doesn’t overwhelm your whole look.

The same goes with stripes and checks which can turn out jarring on camera and don’t work well with close-up shots. Our tip? It’s truly best to go with something neutral and avoid big patterns altogether

by Lisa for SweetEscape in Paris
by Lisa for SweetEscape in Paris

Comfort First

SweetEcape often hosts pre-wedding session outdoor because traveling outdoor is the spirit of our photography service. Needless to say, you want to dress comfortably and sensibly based on the weather.

Being outdoor in the right outfits should make you feel relaxed, natural and effortlessly romantic- which all works to bring out the confidence in you. So remember to dress accordingly and comfortably always.

by Swetlana for SweetEscape in Istanbul
by Swetlana for SweetEscape in Istanbul

SweetEscape is online platform that connects you with local photographers around the world. Our mission is to capture your life precious moments, anywhere in the world. SweetEscape is available in over 400 cities around the world. Book your first session and get $50 OFF. Enter the code: FIRSTESCAPE at checkout.


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8 Things To Do This Holiday Season, The Filipino Way
17 Dec 2018IDEASBY SweetEscape

Filipinos are known for their long holiday celebration. Many traditions and new ways keep this season alive no matter which city or town you go. You won't run out of things to do (but your budget probably will!) when you celebrate the holidays in the Philippines through these activities:

1. Go Christmas shopping in bazaars.

It's this time of the year when massive pop-up year-end bazaar and sale events happen, so go ahead and take advantage of the markdown madness to complete your Christmas gift list.

2. Complete the Misa de Gallo.

How many masses have you attended so far? Get up early or spare an hour so you could attend the mass at night because as they say, completing the 9-day or -night series will make a wish come true.

3. Visit music and lights shows and displays around the metro.

As soon as the holiday season comes, many parks and tourist attractions open Christmas-themed shows that are perfect for all ages. These Instagram-worthy locations are usually free of charge, making them picturesque and cheery venues to gather with your friends and families.

4. Spread the holiday cheer through Christmas carols

It has been part of the Filipino tradition to gather in groups and sing either classic or remixed tunes as they go from one house to another. Just as long as you know the lyrics to the in-trend Christmas songs, you'll definitely get those coins, or if you're lucky, you'll receive bills from your kind neighbors!

5. Organize a reunion party.

Many Filipinos love merrymaking, so expect most of your December weekends, and sometimes, weekdays too, to blocked off with schedules of parties. It's also a time to meet the newborns or catch up with the relatives who you haven't spoken to for a long time. Make your reunion party more memorable and let SweetEscape photographers turn your moments into beautiful photographs. Special for this holiday season, get 50% OFF on your 2-hour photo shoot, anywhere in Manila.

6. Pick a gift for your "monito" or "monita"

The Filipino version of Secret Santa is a more exciting and interesting one because gift-giving is done in small batches. Whether the category's something big, something fluffy, something embarrassing, or something naughty, you'll surely go home with a smile on your face because your friend or officemate could surely find a gift to pull that category or theme off!

7. Go on a staycation with your family

For some Filipinos, the holiday season means quality time, without the hassle of preparing feasts or organizing parties. Some simply prefer staying in or booking an accommodation where they could all relax and exchange thoughtful gifts after a hearty meal.

8. Go for a quick holiday vacation.

To some who've been looking forward to a unique kind of celebration for the holidays, setting off to another country is an option. School or office breaks give them a chance to explore new places, making their holidays a more memorable one.

In times like these, memories are meant to be saved. Especially if you've waited long enough for your family to be complete this holiday season, don't miss the chance to document those moments — let SweetEscape do it for you.

SweetEscape now offers a one-hour photo shoot that'll capture your best holiday moments in 1-2 spots. Your edited photos will be ready in 3 business days, just in time for sharing with everyone else around the world. Learn more about our one-hour photoshoot here:


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