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Come Home for Thanksgiving!
22 Nov 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

It's this time of the year again. Is the good 'ol turkey ready to become the star of your Thanksgiving dinner?

Half of the people may be busy looking for new recipes to prepare for such a wonderful celebration, while the other half's trying to weigh the options on whether to go home or not for this holiday. As a kid, you might not have experienced thinking and worrying about what to do, what to wear, and when to finish your endless list of tasks for Thanksgiving, but now that you've grown up, decision-making becomes the hardest part.

by Natthaya for SweetEscape in Salt Lake City
by Natthaya for SweetEscape in Salt Lake City

If you're a thousand (or more) miles away from home, it's surely a tough call. With all of your friends' Instagram stories of doing groceries and running for last-minute errands, it's a major FOMO moment for you. This dilemma would only make your head and heart hurt, but come to think of it — Thanksgiving happens only once a year, so you better make the most out of it.

by Jeffrey for SweetEscape in Hong Kong

It'll sure be a warm and overwhelming feeling to go back home and to reunite with your family, friends, and of course, your pet. Topics to be discussed over the Thanksgiving dinner may seem awkward especially if you're in college, but that's the essence of it all — the fun, laughter, reminiscing, and the quality time spent together.

by Mizuki for SweetEscape in Tokyo

If you've got spare time, this holiday break may also be a chance to unwind and relax. Go to your favorite tourist spot as a child, visit your relatives, drive across towns, or spend a day at the beach. These moments, for sure, are the ones that you long for, so do not waste time, and save those memories so you could always remember them!

by Jen for SweetEscape in Queenstown

You sure had those funny picture-taking moments when you had to shout just for everyone to calm down and smile for that one last shot, right? That's one unforgettable experience, but let's leave the hassle out of the picture. SweetEscape, with our pool of professional photographers from all around the world, is here to capture your Thanksgiving happenings, anytime and anywhere. Nothing ever comes close to the priceless memories made with our loved ones, so book a session now with SweetEscape!

by Wei for SweetEscape in Melbourne

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