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6 Things You Should Be Doing This Chinese New Year
20 Jan 2020INSPIRATIONBY Cisca

More than just your yearly rituals, the Lunar New Year is actually a great time for meaningful activities you never thought possible before. With the big day approaching, try to take advantage of this festive celebration and plan ahead for some enriching experiences. If you’re stuck on ideas, we have a few great ones listed down below :

1. Feast and be merry

by Bale for SweetEscape in Bangkok

First thing first, the only proper way to enjoy Chinese New Year includes a whole lot of happy munching. Not only just eating all the best foods, drinks and snacks, we encourage you to really indulge and savor everything wholeheartedly.

Chinese New Year is not just about the food on the table, but the people who create them and the reasons why they’re always there. Maybe it’s the staple comfort food of your family, it’s the once-in-a-year important meal, or perhaps it’s the representation of a family’s love that unites everyone at the dining table. Whatever the reasons may be, stop counting your calories, and be extra thankful this year!

2. Gather with your loved ones

by Vincent for SweetEscape in Beijing

Needless to say, Chinese New Year is the perfect time for reunions. But don’t let the hecticness of it all stops you from spending time with people who truly matter: Your family. Take time to really sit down and create your own quality moments.

If you’re still living under the same roof, it can be easy to disregard your family members since you see them everyday. We really recommend you to take some time to pay respect to your parents or teach your kids about family values. If you live separately overseas, the more reasons you should cherish this family celebration to the fullest during gatherings.

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3. Use Time To Reconnect

by Mike for SweetEscape in Hong Kong
by Harris for SweetEscape in Hong Kong

Not only family reunions, Chinese New Year is the moment where long lost friends and old buddies gather up for one rare yet happy occasion. If you’re invited to such reunions, don’t pass up the chance to see familiar faces and dig up some nostalgic memories. If you don’t have any agenda planned, why not be the one to initiate it? Plan around your calendar and arrange some quick catch-up sessions with friends.

Pro Tip : Dress up and snap your moments!

4. Understand your root

by Vincent for SweetEscape in Beijing
by Vincent for SweetEscape in Beijing

Think that Chinese New Year is just another event filled with illogical superstitions or boring traditions? Well, think again! There is always something significant behind every gesture, custom, habit, food presentations and more - so much that you’ll be in deep awe once you truly realize the rich, intricate and astonishing ideas.

Use this time to understand what the Spring Festival is really about through the elders or other sources. Who knows? You can be the one to pass the importance on to the younger generations, thus preserving the beautiful traditions for many years to come.

5. Find your new spirit

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New Year, Better You. Right? If you missed the change-of-year mark last December to January, then use this Chinese New Year to kick start something you always have been delaying. Whether it’s cleaning out your clutter, emotionally or physically, to picking up new skills and pursuing your goals, take the time to make things happen!

6. Explore the Chinese Culture Firsthand

by Vincent for SweetEscape in Beijing
by Rick for SweetEscape in Beijing

Caught the travel bug this CNY? If you’re smart with your choice of destinations, you’ll be treated to the wonderful decorations, festivities and other perks that only come once a year. Absorb the cultures, soak in the wonder and let your eyes be opened with all the amazing possibilities during your holiday. We promise, you’ll see the Chinese New Year in a whole different light.

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