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Photography Trend of 2020 by SweetEscape
17 Jan 2020INSPIRATIONBY Natasha

SweetEscape always strife to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in the world of photography. Read on to find out some of the coolest photography trends for 2020 and start getting inspired to capture better photos (and getting more likes on social media!)

by Rio for SweetEscape in Kyoto

1. Vibrant & colourful photos

Why not put more colours into your lives in 2020? With more and more caf├ęs, restaurants, and installation museums really making sure that their spaces are instagrammable, make use of this new trend to capture more vibrant and brightly coloured photos of your own!

by Natasha for SweetEscape in London

2. Candid shots!

This year, take more photos with candid-looking poses and natural poses. Don't worry, you can always rely on our photographers to give you some cool posing ideas and direct you during the sessions!

by Haris for SweetEscape in New York

3. Vertical/portrait shots, perfect for your smartphones

We share more and more of our lives through social media. That being said, it is always great to take more vertical and portrait photos that will fit nicely into your smartphones and devices' screens, compared to landscape photos.

by Yuko for SweetEscape in Sapporo, Hokkaido
by Mizuki for SweetEscape in Tokyo

4. The beauty of nature

There are lots of beautiful nature photo destinations to be explored in 2020, such as the Hanami Season in Japan or Keukenhoff in Netherlands. With current rate of climate change, you'd never know when could be your last-ever chance to visit these beautiful natures, so capture them with SweetEscape.

by Danny for SweetEscape in Lisse (Keukenhof)

5. Highest organic likes: Travel photos

Do you know what generates the highest organic likes in Instagram? It's the travel photos you take with your buddies! SweetEscape is the perfect option for your holiday and travel photography needs, so why not book a session and start getting more likes on social media?

by Bryan for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

6. Proposal moments

Gentlemen, don't forget to book a SweetEscape session if you plan to get down on one knee to propose to your girlfriend this year! Let us be a part of your planning process, and we'll make sure that your proposal will be memorable!

by Kursat for SweetEscape in Cappadocia

7. Ever heard of 'birthday-cation'?

Why not take your birthday celebrations this year up a notch by going on a solo birthday-cation trip? It might be a good opportunity to celebrate your special day and exercise some much needed self-love to keep you going for the coming year. Enjoy yourself, and let us capture your beautiful moments!

by Dewa for SweetEscape in Bali

8. With your furry friends

Any photo with your furry friends would be pawsome! Puns aside, pet photography is a growing trend currently, and SweetEscape is available to capture your beautiful moments with your pets too!

by William S. for SweetEscape in Jakarta
by William S. for SweetEscape in Jakarta

Ready to capture some great moments with SweetEscape in 2020? SweetEscape connects you to thousands of local professional photographers in more than 500 cities around the world, so you can capture every moment and get beautiful photos directly to your devices in just 48 hours after your session. Download our app, book your session today and let's #MakeLifeMemorable!