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8 Ideas To Make Your Bridal Shower More Memorable
23 Aug 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

There are countless ways to celebrate a bridal shower, but if you are looking to create the most memorable bridal shower, you’ve come to the right page!

A big part of wedding traditions all over the world, bridal showers is arguably one of the most highly anticipated events for a bride and her squad. Afterall, this is the moment where the ladies get to shine, dine, and wine everything fine, celebrating togetherness as the clock ticks down to the big event.

Needless to say, you want to do it right. To nail down the most memorable bridal showers, check out these 8 essentials from us below :

1. Add some flower power

What’s a party without the decoration? Imagine showing up to a dry and lifeless bridal shower and we bet you’ll look forward to getting home soon.

Now there are plenty of ways to decorate, but flowers win our hearts any day! A beautifully set-up floral decoration can drastically enhance the ambiance and look of a room, even just a small bouquet immediately brings a wholesomeness to a venue. Moreover, the pleasant aroma adds a flair of loveliness to your bridal shower too.

If you’re looking for a florist with the magic touch, check out Te Amo Floristeria who specializes in understated yet aesthetically pleasing floral arrangements. It’s all about that simple and beautiful setting that every brides-to-be dream of!


2. Get dressed for the occasion

A party is just an excuse to dress up, aren’t we right ladies? It’s always recommended to pick a dress code for an occasion because the guests will know what to anticipate and get ready for it.

The sky's the limit when it comes to bridal shower fashion. Decide what kind of mood you’re looking to bring into the party so that the event reaches its fullest potential. We personally love something casual, relaxed yet feminine at the same time, such as all the curated collections from Love, Candypie for that effortless feels.


3. Choose the perfect venue

What is a bridal shower without the perfect venue to host it at?

When it comes to the perfect venue, every brides-to-be must have different opinions. But if we get to choose, we’ll definitely go with a quality place where service, ambiance, and details won’t disappoint. We’re talking about the gorgeous, super chillax and oh-so-instagrammable Alila Seminyak Resort.

If you and your squad are on a vacation in Bali, don’t miss out this excellent venue as your bridal-shower destination. We’re talking about a five-star resort with sweeping ocean views, crashing waves, top notch service, remarkable room, spa and other facilities. Without much effort, it’s going to be one heck of a bridal shower for sure.



4. Choose a special theme

It’s all about the theme, gurl! Choose a theme as the main highlight of your bridal shower. It can be a beach bonanza, high-tea party, retro romance, workshop or class related, and so many more great options to choose from.

Here's an idea: If you're in Japan for your bachelorette and you want to try out something unique and fun, check out Yumeyakata for their authentic collection of beautiful Japanese kimonos and more. We bet that it’s going to be super kawaii bridal with extra fun blast for everyone!


5. Use bridal / bachelorette props

Believe it or not, it’s the little details that make the big moment. And bridal showers are no exception too!

To create the right bridal mood, it’s a great idea to prepare cute bridal or party props such as champagne glasses, crowns or flower wreaths, wedding banner to make an entrance, and other pretty little details.

One on-point accessory that we love is a sash from DYDXBrides, the expert of bachelorette props with amazing props to choose from. Get one for the bride aka the princess of the hour because nothing makes a girl feels more special than her own customized sash!

by Polina for SweetEscape in Florence

by Polina for SweetEscape in Florence

6. Add some entertainment

Any party gets boring pretty soon without entertainment, hence it is important that a bridal shower comes with its own set list of activities.

For maximum fun, a bridal shower can be filled with unique and interesting bridal party games. All you need is a good preparation and ideas for the games, someone to fill the MC position and we bet all guests will eagerly join bridal shower games for a rolling good time.

Last tip to hype up the party mood, prepare a portable speaker to attach to your smartphone with a playlist everybody will enjoy!

7. Gather your #bridesquad

Sometimes it’s not where you’re going or what you’re doing, but who you’re with. And in the case of a bridal shower, your friends are going to be the main focus of the entire event. Keep you guest list checked with all the important people in your life, your sisters from another mother (and your actual sisters too, of course), and all the best friends you simply can’t live without.

8. Get a moments capturer

One of the most important must-have in this list : a professional photographer service. A bridal shower is hands-down one of the most significant events leading up to the wedding. It’s a day where fun, love and friendship come together in life. There’ll be lots of laughter, cheers, and even maybe touching moments that deserves much more than just a selfie.

Having your bridal shower professionally captured means getting a keepsake of all the spontaneity, the emotions, and every unplanned moments without any room for errors. It means at the end of the occasion, you get to look back to the moment when you’re surrounded by the best people, who wish you nothing but the best in your marriage. Book a 2-hour photo session with SweetEscape and enjoy the perks listed above!

by Mike for SweetEscape in Bali
by Carlo for SweetEscape in Manila

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