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Your Next Holiday Destination, Recommended By Travel Influencers
08 Aug 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

We all need a little bit of holiday inspirations now and then to get us going. And who better to give the most amazing ideas than from people who globetrote for living? Yes, we’re talking about the people who are lucky enough to travel the corners of world and look good while they are at it too. We asked some of our most favorite influencers about their holiday recommendation and what makes it a visit-worthy destination. Check out their recommended destinations below:

Cindy Karmoko: Iceland

Her passion for fashion brought her to the spotlight, but it’s really her impeccable style that wins our hearts. Cindy Karmoko is a self-confessed shoe addict who chronicles her life journey, OOTDs, fashion inspirations and more in her visual diary since 2011.

As her style evolves through the years, so does her travelling adventure. From Bolzano to Taiwan and Sydney to Milan, Cindy’s love for beauty in the world continues through her next destination which she shared with us.

“There are many countries on my bucket list, but Iceland is at the top of it. I’ve personally never been there, but I’ve heard lots of great things about it, particularly about its beauty. I’m looking forward to hunting for the aurora lights!”

Kenny Santana: Iceland

With over 50K followers on his Instagram, Kenny is not a stranger in the world of instatravel. His account, @kartupostinsta, is a wanderlust-inducing gallery filled with exotic destinations, intense photographic proofs and dreamy colorful vibes, making him one of our most favorite travel influencers of all.

For his end-of-year holiday, Kenny chooses everyone’s favorite destination on earth - Iceland. The reason is none other than to experience again the surreal and phenomenal Aurora Borealis in the winter through his own eyes. To him, this otherworldly spot is one of the most unforgettable places he’s ever been in his life.

Some of photos taken in Iceland

by Michalina for SweetEscape in Reykjavik
by Rachel for SweetEscape in Monterey
by Rachel for SweetEscape in Monterey
by Michalina for SweetEscape in Reykjavik

Dara & Claudia Setyohadi: Positano

The Setyohadi sisters consists of the eldest Adindara Jelita and her younger sister, Ameralda Claudia. Dara takes on her role as a young entrepreneur and influencer while Claudia too is gaining her popularity through her social media platforms. Together, this dynamic duo presents a united front as sisters who conquer the world together.

When we asked them to name a destination for holiday inspiration, their pick goes to Positano. The beauties have had a chance to visit the coastal paradise of Italy one October and dreamed of reminiscing the breezy sunny days while frolicking in style. With a great pick like this, we can’t help but agree.

Some of photos taken in Positano

by Andrea for SweetEscape in Positano
by Piera for SweetEscape in Positano
by Piera for SweetEscape in Positano
by Andrea for SweetEscape in Positano

Jovita Ayu: London

Her profile says it all - a travel and lifestyle gypsy. Her love for life exploration includes a wide variety of things, but you can always count on her instagallery @jovitaayu for shots of vivid blue skies, endless waters, the greenest landscape and snippets of her interesting life.

She dished out her travel recommendation and it’s no surprise that this globetrotter picks London, UK for her year-end holiday. The Christmas spirit and full-on holiday vibes are the main reason for her selection, as she continued with more “ London is full with pretty lights that complement all the beautiful buildings! Plus the old and new experience at the Seine River bank was definitely amazing. The fireworks were one of the world’s best!”

Looking to relive her experience with her fiance, we wish this pretty lady happy travels!

Some of photos taken in London

by Alexandra for SweetEscape in London
by Natasha for SweetEscape in London
by Abi for SweetEscape in London
by Olga for SweetEscape in London

Samuel Wongso: Melbourne

We don’t know how Samuel Wongso maintains a balance between his growing suit-designing business and his love for traveling. All we know is that he is doing an awesome job at both of them!

Always a person who is looking for inspirations and breakthroughs, Samuel has his own holiday pick for his next vacation. Going with Melbourne, Australia for its great food, nice weather and beautiful city sceneries, the freshly-engaged Samuel sure will be needing a relaxing trip for what’s more to come for him.

Some of photos taken in Melbourne

by Freddie for SweetEscape in Melbourne
by Dalvin for SweetEscape in Melbourne
by Wei for SweetEscape in Melbourne
by Felix for SweetEscape in Melbourne

Now that five of our favorite influencers have shared their own versions of the perfect holiday destination, it’s time to choose your own too! Where are you planning to go next?

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