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Best Spots in Los Angeles for Your #EscapeWithUS By SweetEscape Photographers!
04 Nov 2021INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Palm-lined streets, Hollywood glitz and glamour, the beautiful beach, parks and places of art, the City of Angels is all about fun and entertainment for everyone! Creatives would come looking for inspirations, tourists arriving for a taste of the Californian lifestyle, making Los Angeles a place full of dreams.

If you’re looking for a guide to the best spots for a photoshoot in Los Angeles, here are the recommended spots from SweetEscape Photographer for capturing your moments!

Beverly Hills

by Aaron for SweetEscape in Los Angeles
by Aaron for SweetEscape in Los Angeles
by Bryan for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

“The palm trees are an icon of Beverly Hills, which is a popular backdrop as it gives off a very LA vibe! A lot of greenery, photoshoots along the road are popular for many moments captured in Beverly Hills. Within walking distance, there’s Rodeo Drive, a popular place for tourists to visit.” (Natasha)

If there’s one neighborhood that can be considered an icon of the city, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on Beverly Hills! This palm trees-lined neighborhood just oozes with style, so a photoshoot here can make you feel accomplished! Nearby is the famed Rodeo Drive, also don’t forget to visit the Hollywood neighborhood! A tour of these places is a must when in Los Angeles!


by Ashton for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

“The lamps are very iconic and very LA. It’s a beautiful spot, especially at night, as it just brightens the place for capturing your moment. Besides being a recommended place for capturing holiday moments, it’s also a great place for couples looking to capture proposals.” (Aaron)

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), is the largest art museum in the West with a collection of 140,000 objects of art. Whether you’re an art lover or not, LACMA has plenty of great photoshoot locations! An art installation found outside called the Urban Light, created by Chris Burden, is also a popular spot and will make your photos Instagram-ready!

The Broad

by Aaron A for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

“The Broad has an amazing architecture. With the unique building and white walls, it would be a great place to do a photoshoot whether it’s solo or with loved ones. Just right beside it, there’s also another beautiful building called Disney Concert Hall. The silver wall and a garden on their second floor are a great place to take pictures!” (Natasha)

Downtown Los Angeles is also a hub of entertainment and culture with plenty of spots to visit. Take for example the prominent Little Tokyo and Chinatown, the street arts and pink wall in Art District, and the Staples Centre. But if you’re a fan of unique architecture and looking for one to feature in your photo, then The Broad is a recommended spot! This contemporary art museum with a unique exterior can add a pop to your photos in a heartbeat.

Santa Monica Beach

by Aaron for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

“Santa Monica Beach is a very fun and exciting place for a photoshoot! It has lots of things going on such as food stalls, small theme parks, the beach, plus more for you to enjoy. Definitely a great place to go to for holidays and couples photoshoot.” (Aaron)

Santa Monica Beach is just a short drive away from Los Angeles, and it presents a beautiful backdrop for your photos! You can take a stroll along the beach with your loved ones for bonding time, and along the way, you can also visit the Santa Monica Pier, an amusement park where you can enjoy the rides along with a great view!

Los Angeles is indeed the city of dreams, where you can find many entertaining spots for capturing your moments! For your moments in Los Angeles and all around the world, SweetEscape connects you to our network of local professional photographers in 300+ cities around the world who can capture it for you safely, with photos ready within 48-hours after your session. You can always #MakeEveryMomentMemorable with SweetEscape!