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Best Spots in New York City for Your #EscapeWithUS By SweetEscape Photographers!
19 Oct 2021INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

New York City is dubbed as the capital city of the world, and just like its famed reputation, you can find many iconic architectural landmarks ranging from the Flatiron Building to the Empire State Building, and there’s so much more to experience. The feeling of being in the center of the world makes a photoshoot here in New York City feel like an accomplishment!

If you’re looking for a guide to the best spots for a photoshoot in New York City, here are the recommended spots from SweetEscape Photographer for capturing your moments!

Brooklyn Bridge

by Kitsul for SweetEscape in New York
by Dominic for SweetEscape in New York

“It’s an iconic New York landmark. Makes a great background for portraits. You have the view of New York City skyline and Brooklyn Bridge’s classic architecture. Recommended place for capturing special moments, like a vacation, proposals, engagement and more!” (Paolo)

Brooklyn Bridge is an icon of New York City that can’t be missed. Stretching across the East River, Brooklyn Bridge opened up back in 1883 to carry traffic between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can also capture the drop-dead gorgeous views of the Lower Manhattan skyline for your photos! We recommend starting from the Manhattan side so that you can end your walk at DUMBO while enjoying the great view along the way.


by Anna for SweetEscape in New York
by Dominic for SweetEscape in New York

“A huge area that has many photo spots with different views. You can get both Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge in the background depending on where you are situated in DUMBO. It’s suitable for engagement, fashion or street style photoshoot.” (Paolo)

This neighborhood, once dominated by aging warehouses, has been reimagined with upscale shops, apartment buildings, and offices that offer some of the best waterfront views of Manhattan including the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge! The Washington Street at DUMBO is a famous spot for capturing moments there with a peek of the Empire State Building through the legs of the Manhattan Bridge.

Times Square

by Haris for SweetEscape in New York

“The many advertising billboards make it iconic! It has great lighting for your photos of any moments, the bustling atmosphere also adds to the character of the location.” (Anna)

Time Square is at the heart of New York City. Know for its nickname as “the crossroad of the world”, There’s so much to this place: shopping, restaurants, TV studios, the New Years Eve Celebrations, and the many many people from around the world that visit this iconic spot. The theatres of Broadway and the huge number of advertising billboards make it one of New York’s iconic landmarks in the world.

Central Park

by Julia for SweetEscape in New York
by Anna for SweetEscape in New York

A place with lots of trees, suitable if you want to be surrounded by nature. Very nice to explore and find picturesque spots. Also great for taking photos of family, engagement, vacation moments and more.” (Petro)

Central Park, a place of nature that’s juxtaposed by the surrounding skyscrapers, is also one of the best places to capture your moments in New York City! Some of the famed spots in this park include the Bethesda Fountain, The Bow Bridge, Gapstow Bridge, and the lake. Central Park during winter is also an interesting sight to see, where a festival called the Winter Jam is held and many would come for a chance to go ice skating.

From architectural and historical landmarks to places of nature, New York City has it all for your moments! For your #EscapewithUS in New York City and all around the world, SweetEscape connects you to network of local professional photographers in 300+ cities around the world who can capture any moments for you safely, with photos ready within 48-hours after your session. You can always #MakeEveryMomentMemorable with SweetEscape!