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Liv Lo Golding: Stay Fit Without Leaving the Comforts of Home
02 Apr 2020INSPIRATIONBY Tracy

Being stuck at home for weeks at a time can prove to be very difficult for us who are always on the move. The demands of this heightened quarantine period have had us all looking for ways to stay motivated during this health crisis. Apart from giving you tips on Optimizing Your Time While Working from Home, we at SweetEscape encourage everybody to stay fit and healthy too!

With the help of Liv Lo, yoga expert and the woman behind FitSphere, here is a 9-minute full-body workout that you can enjoy in the comforts of your own home. With more than 11 years of experience and teaching under her belt, this routine is sure to help keep you fit and strong as you fight against CoViD-19.

by Dominic for SweetEscape in New York

I don’t believe in making sacrifices to be healthy. I believe in making healthier life choices – those things that make me feel great!

Let SweetEscape help keep you motivated during this quarantine period. Soon enough, we’ll be capturing moments together again. For now, best to stay indoors, safe and healthy!

Click the link to start your fitness journey at home today!