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30 Minutes to Escape - Recap!
24 May 2017NEWS & UPDATESBY SweetEscape

Holiday season is coming up and we wanted to be your partner in making your holiday a memorable experience. Thus we produced our first 30 minutes talk show entitled “30 Minutes to Escape” that aired on Instagram Live every Wednesday. This talk show had a series of 4 episodes, hosted by Patricia Gouw and studded with guest stars.

The first episode was about creating a memorable family vacation with Jennifer Bachdim and her children as our guest stars. The second episode was about vacation style guides with Indonesian fashion bloggers, Maria and Elizabeth Rahajeng.

The third episode was about keeping fit before the holiday with tips from our fitness coach Vanessa Budihardja and Kemal Mochtar. The series ended with a talk on creating a memorable holiday for couples featuring Tyas Mirasih and his fiancé Raiden Soedjono.

Well, we had great fun the whole production and we hope our vieweres were inspired to make their holiday memorable.