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SweetEscape 1st Anniversary Celebration With Friends
23 May 2017NEWS & UPDATESBY SweetEscape

Time flies when we’re having fun. Cliche, we know, but it’s the truth. And we don’t know better words to reflect the feelings we had on our first anniversary than those.

In the Summer of 2012, our founder, David Soong, took his family for the very first time to Croatia. They had the time of their lives. However, upon coming home, he scrolled through the many pictures in his phone and camera only to find very few pictures of his perfect holiday moments. There were pictures of him, of his wife, and there were many of their son, but only one of the three of them together. Even that was taken by a stranger they had randomly met outside a restaurant.

Fast forward to three years later, David was convinced that he wasn’t the only one who experienced this problem. Towards the end of 2015, he began to handpick photographers with the right skills and the right styles from around the world. In 2016, he finally launched SweetEscape, so that vacation-goers, like himself, could come home with great memories and great pictures.

That’s the SweetEscape story. We love telling it.

However, there’s a story that is as - or even more - important, and that is of the people who stood by us from the very beginning; the stories of the people who not only believed in us and what we do, but cared enough to give us constructive feedback and best of all, become an advocate for our services. These are the people who were with us at the start of this adventure and are still here today. Their stories motivated us, cheered us on, encouraged us to be better, and comforted us when times get rough and we forget about why we decided to do this in the first place. Here's a promise: from now on, we will share more of these heartwarming stories with you.

When our first anniversary came around, naturally, we couldn’t think of better people to celebrate with. We invited them for an intimate gathering at Mister Sunday where we showered them with gifts and lots of good food. It was our very own way of saying “thank you” for standing by us and for going along on this journey with us.

It’s been one sweet year For those who have been there from the start From the bottom of our hearts We just want to say, Thank you for being here!

Love, SweetEscape Team

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Real Stories from Real Clients: What Makes You Love SweetEscape?
28 Nov 2019STORIESBY SweetEscape

The idea of getting someone professional to take your photos might not appeal to everyone, but here in SweetEscape we firmly believe that once you tried a SweetEscape session, you'd immediately fall in love with it and would want to book more. No, this is not a marketing campaign, it's a fact! Don't believe us? Check out these real stories from our real clients on why they love SweetEscape so much!

1. The First Timer

Our very own Creative Director, Jalu, wasn't really a big fan of being photographed. However, after 8 months of working in SweetEscape and (naturally) getting exposed to SweetEscape's beautiful photos in a lot of beautiful locations around the world, Jalu started to feel that maybe being photographed isn't such a bad idea after all.

by Grece for SweetEscape in Tokyo

So, for his family holiday in Tokyo this year-end, Jalu booked his first-ever session. What impressed him the most is how easy the booking process turned out to be–just through the app. His interesed was piqued even higher when he met the photographer who was very friendly and easy to converse with.

"I also noticed how professional their cameras and gears were! So it made me even more convinced that my photos would turn out to be great!" said Jalu.

by Mizuki for SweetEscape in Tokyo

When Jalu received the photos, he was surprised at how beautiful the photos turned out to be. His wife loved the session and the photos, his young daughter–which he feared wouldn't enjoy the shoot–also absolutely loved it, even he himself looked good in the photos!

"The photographers really know how to find the perfect angle for you, I never thought my photos would turn out these great!" said Jalu. "I absolutely love it, and I'd definitely book more sessions when I travel to other interesting locations in the future."

2. The 'Seasoned' Lovers

Sheena Buraga and her husband Daniel are truly one of the most unique clients SweetEscape had recently. Their 'Seasons of Love' pre-nup concept is really inspiring, and SweetEscape is proud and honoured to be a part of their love journey from the very start when Daniel first proposed to Sheena in Tokyo (spring), to their pre-nup shots in Nami Island (autumn) and Niseko (winter), and finally to their final pre-nup shot in Siargao (summer).

by Bren for SweetEscape in Siargao
by Bren for SweetEscape in Siargao

"Between May and June 2018 after the proposal, we started planning for our wedding. At first we thought that the photos in Tokyo would be our proposal / engagement photos, and we wanted to capture another pre-nup photoshoot, not with SweetEscape. But when seeing our proposal photos shot by SweetEscape, everybody said that our pre-nup shoots will look less beautiful compared to the super-beautiful photos of our proposal taken by SweetEscape! Considering this, and since we were travelling to Nami Island, South Korea in the autumn, we decided to create this 'Four Seasons of Love' pre-nup concept with SweetEscape!" said Sheena when asked about what made them keep taking their pre-nup shots with us.

3. The Reporter

TV reporter Najla Hilabi always puts an extra care for her Instagram feed; she wants it to look extra neat and beautiful, and this was her initial reason to use SweetEscape. After knowing about us from an Instagram ad, she decided to book her first session for her trip to Prague.

"I don't know if I'd ever go back to Prague again, so I thought it was important to capture my moments there with a proper photography service," said Najla.

by Michael for SweetEscape in Tokyo
by Michael for SweetEscape in Tokyo

What impressed her was eventhough there were some language barrier with the photographer, the photos still turned out beautiful, and the photographer brought her to the hidden gems of the already enchanting city. This, in addition to the beautiful photos she received afterwards, made her book another session for her recent trip to Tokyo.

"I feel that SweetEscape always maintains their standard of quality. You don't just get your raw photos, you get perfectly curated and professionally edited photos, and this careful production process really makes me love SweetEscape!"

by Michael for SweetEscape in Tokyo

So, don't let anything make you doubt us! SweetEscape connects you to thousands of local professional photographers in more than 500 cities around the world, so you can capture every moment and get beautiful photos directly to your devices in just 48 hours after your session. This holiday season, capture more with SweetEscape's JINGLE DEALS, where you can get sessions starting as low as USD 50! Download our app, book your session today and let's #MakeLifeMemorable!