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Majority of SweetEscape Photographers Have Been Vaccinated!
20 Sep 2021NEWS & UPDATESBY SweetEscape

As health and safety remain a big topic amidst the ongoing pandemic, it remains our number one priority to ensure the safety of our photographers and customers. For your memorable and safe photoshoot, SweetEscape is introducing #VaxxedSweetEscapePhotographer initiative so that wherever you go, we have a network of vaccinated photographers who can capture any moments for you! Let’s find out more!

70% of Our Global Photographers Have Been Vaccinated, More Will Follow!

by Terrix for SweetEscape in Singapore
by Sherry for SweetEscape in Bali

As vaccines are becoming increasingly available to the public, more are looking forward to receiving them. 70% of our global photographers have been fully vaccinated, and more will follow. This is to ensure the safety of everyone for a memorable SweetEscape experience!

We’ll Connect You With Them!

by Ernesto for SweetEscape in Boracay

You don’t have to worry when booking a SweeEscape photoshoot. This is because we will always do our best to ensure you’ll be matched with vaccinated photographers for your session. Our photographers also practice Safety Protocols, such as wearing masks, sanitizing their gears regularly, and practicing safe distancing!

Easily Identifiable Through Chat Feature

by Hendra for SweetEscape in Bali

For your convenience, you can easily identify Vaccinated SweetEscape Photographers through the chat feature! They will have an updated profile picture in the chat with the #VaxxedSweetEscapePhotographer sign.

#VaxxedSweetEscapePhotographer are always ready to capture every moment safely and memorably. SweetEscape connects you to a global network of hundreds of local professional photographers in +300 cities around the world, and you will receive the photos within 48 hours after your session. You can always #MakeEveryMomentMemorable with SweetEscape!