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Photographer Safety Protocol by SweetEscape To Capture Your Moments!
30 Mar 2021NEWS & UPDATESBY SweetEscape

As the world has started to reopen, people are catching up on the things they miss the most. From going out for an exercise, finally catching up face to face with friends to spending the weekends on staycation, there are many moments that people long for and are now able to do. Surely after a long time, finally able to do these things is a moment to cherish.

With SweetEscape, you can be ensured that those moments can be captured safely and memorably by our professional photographers as we have Photographer’s Safety Protocol. Let’s get to know what our Photographer Safety Protocols are!

Mask is Mandatory for Our Photographers

by Haris for SweetEscape in New York
by Glenn for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

In accordance with the government's rule in countering the pandemic, SweetEscape photographers always wear a mask throughout the photoshoot to ensure everyone’s safety. After all besides capturing moments, ensuring safety for everyone is always a priority.

Photographers’ Gears Are Always Sanitized

by Aaron for SweetEscape in Los Angeles
by Maria for SweetEscape in San Francisco

For additional safety measures, SweetEscape’s professional photographers always ensure that their cameras and equipment are always cleaned and sanitized. By doing this, SweetEscape photographers can continue to capture moments safely and memorably.

Our Photographers Takes Social Distancing Very Seriously

by Aiden for SweetEscape in Boston
by Ole for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

Social distancing rules have been put into action in many places around the world. So whenever our photographers are capturing moments, they will always remember to maintain distance. SweetEscape photographers also have lenses that can ensure they’ll always be ready to capture moments from any angle!

For your next photoshoot, we are happy to give you 10% OFF your Photoshoot using the promo code ESCAPEUSA10 for any moments in the United States! Not just fun and memorable, photoshoots with SweetEscape can be safe with Photographer’s Safety Protocol! SweetEscape is always ready to capture any precious moments by connecting you with thousands of local professional photographers in cities around the world.