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International Coffee Day: The Best Cities to Get Your Caffeine Fix
01 Oct 2017EXPLOREBY SweetEscape

Happy International Coffee Day!

We're so glad that we got the chances to experience so many different taste of great coffee from around the world, and on this special day, we'd like to share some of the best cities to get your caffeine fix.


This Aussie city has a coffee culture along with the best places to brunch, indulge, relax, and connect - with a cuppa coffee of your choice of course. Melbourne’s cafes are so good that it’s safe to say that each one delivers the best in everything. Our picks? We've got it covered, so click here to find out five extra worthy cafes to visit for the best memory in Melbourne.


Spend time like most Parisians would and that always involves great coffee, scrumptious croissants and most importantly, warm cuddles. Of course there are so many coffee places in the city of light, but if you want to get references, we've picked our 6 best places to have the best coffee (plus croissant and cuddles) in Paris.


by Ferry for SweetEscape in Sydney
by Ferry for SweetEscape in Sydney
by Ferry for SweetEscape in Sydney

Sydney is a truly cosmopolitan city with a rich and diverse coffee scene, and our favorite lovebirds Arnold and Tiffany who just recently moved to the city agreed that Sydney offers great coffee..


SweetEscape in Seoul

Seoul has the abundance of cafés and coffee shops, from the trendiest to the quirkiest. Cafe-hopping is a must thing to do when you're in Seoul. Emily Jaury shared her experience with us of her own version of a Seoulful day that include cafe visit.