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Who says living in a big city has to be stressful? Kelly Misa Fernandez shares everything you need to know about living a happy life in the heart of the city in this article!

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Living in Jakarta definitely has a *either you love it or hate it* feel to it. For those of you who reside within the city, are most probably (hopefully) well aware of the city's daily ups and downs. You might find yoursef wondering sometimes, "I wish there was more to see"... and you're in luck, because there IS a lot to see in the city!
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Traditions, are there and have been there for a reason. If you feel that you've lost touch with that side of yours, [SweetEscape](http://www.sweetescape.com) has come up with several old but simply great traditions for you to hopefully consider to bring back to the present day. If there is a will... there is definitely a way! You'll be glad to know that most of these traditions spread kindness in the simplest but highly effective ways. Do read on and give them a try!
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