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5 Signs That You're Ready To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level
07 Sep 2018INSPIRATIONBY SweetEscape

Hi , lovebirds!

Every relationship is different, but one thing that never change is that going to the next level or getting serious is always a big deal.

Getting ready to spend the rest of your life with someone is an important milestone. It means going all the way. No half-measures. Being dedicated to this one person and relationship, sometimes our hearts (and minds) still need some convincing and it’s okay.

Here is a list of signs that shows that you're ready to go to the next level. Are you ready?

You feel at home

At the end of your day, your partner is the one you look for. You know that you can share anything without being judged. You feel comfortable and you can be yourself. You don’t need to hide your flaws, knowing well enough that your partner accepts you for who you really are.

You’re already content with yourself

You’re 100% whole. You love to share your life and yourself with your partner but you don’t need them to “complete” you. You want to be with them because you really love and want to be with them, not because you need something from them.

by Joe for SweetEscape in New York

There's equal efforts from both side

Love is not the only ingredient that matters in a relationship. It takes more than love to keep a relationship balanced; it also requires effort. Both of you should put your hearts on the line. There shouldn't be any thoughts of “I love him more” or "I love her more", because you love with the same amount of feel and try with the same amount of force.

You and your partner are comfortable to talk about the sensitive stuff

Both of you are mature, flexible, and open-minded to talk about the most sensitive stuffs. To be in a committed relationship is not just a label; it means you have to be ready to talk about money, parents, sex life, even how you want to raise your kids in the future. Read our article about the sensitive conversations here

Both of you become a better person

In the right relationship, both of you strive to be better for yourself and each other. You complete each other by compromising the weaknesses and appreciating the strengths. Growing together, you support each other no matter what, and also give constructive criticism.

So, how ready are you to go to the next level?

by Natthaya for SweetEscape in Salt Lake City
by Natthaya for SweetEscape in Salt Lake City

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