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Earth Day 2020: How to Take Action From Home to Keep Our Planet Healthy

While the coronavirus may force us to keep our distance, we can still do something to save our environment! This April 22nd marks the 50th Annivesary of Earth Day, a 24-hour initiative to raise awareness about saving the planet we live in, and no matter where we are, we can make a difference by doing these simple things we have compiled for you to safe the environment.

Walk and Run More

Reports around the world have shown that due to the reduced traffic and work activities, Mother Earth have some extra time to breathe and heal itself. Air and water pollution level have dropped significantly these couple months, especially in big metropolitan cities usually filled with motor vehicles and factories emitting pollution to the air and water.

by Felix for SweetEscape in Melbourne
by John for SweetEscape in Melbourne

Let's this one good thing about the extended quarantine even after everything has gone back to normal! Let's change our behaviour by walking or running to our nearest grocery store, supermarkets, or restaurants to get our daily needs instead of using our cars or motorbikes. Saving the Earth while being healthy? Why not!

Safe Water and Electricity

With everyone working and schooling from home, it's inevitable that our electricity and water usage are increased. However, we can still be responsible by turning off lamps and water tabs when they're not in use (No we're not suggesting that you should stop taking showers to safe water)! We can also reduce electricity usage by opening our windows or using fan for air circulation during the day, instead of turning our air conditioners all day long. It's a good thing to teach our children to be responsible since early days.

by Kitsul for SweetEscape in New York
by Kitsul for SweetEscape in New York

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Start reducing our food waste by rearranging our fridge. You might be surprised to find how many ingredients and leftovers you might have forgotten to be in your fridge, and you can reuse them to cook something delicious, now with recipes and cooking tutorials are literally everywhere to be found on the internet. Another fun activity to do with your kids at home is to get them to create beautiful artworks using garbage, such as empty plastic bags or bottles.

by Windi for SweetEscape in Bali

Learn More about the Environment

There are a lot more things to be done about our planet. Quarantine is a good time to learn more about this with resources online, or you can visit Earth Day's website to find many ideas to conserve our beautiful planet not just on Earth Day, but always.

by Michael for SweetEscape in Kyoto

Let's keep our planet healthy for generations to come! When the Earth is healthy, a lot of beautiful places around the world will be there for a long time, where you can create beautiful memories, while SweetEscape captures them perfectly!