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This Thanksgiving, Give the Gift of Memories Using SweetEscape Gift Cards!
22 Nov 2021NEWS & UPDATESBY SweetEscape

This Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to send gifts to your loved ones. By sending a SweetEscape gift card to your loved one, you can help them capture their important moments in life for memories to cherish! Or you can also buy one for yourself!

We’re offering a special offer: 20% OFF for $200, $300, $400, $500 Value Gift Card + Extra 20 Photos. Let’s find out more about SweetEscape Gift Cards!

For What Moments Can It Be Used For?

by Aaron for SweetEscape in Los Angeles

ALL moments! With this gift card, our service can be booked not only for holidays but for a lot of other moments as well. Such as a bridal shower, honeymoon, maternity, birthday celebrations, or even a casual family / group hangout indoors or outdoors plus more.

Who Can Use SweeEscape Gift Cards?

by Jonathan for SweetEscape in Cebu

You can use it for yourself, or give it as a present for your loved ones. It will be sent to your registered email in 2 business days after ordering, and easily forwarded via email too. No shipping fee and hassle-free!

Until When & Where Can The Gift Card Be Used?

by Dave for SweetEscape in Baguio City

This gift card will be valid until 31 December 2022. So you or your loved ones can plan ahead any moment by purchasing this gift card for a future photoshoot!

It is also valid for 1 - 2 Hours Photo Sessions in ALL Destinations. Once you’ve received the gift card code via email, you can input it later on the Voucher section at the end of your photoshoot booking process, and enjoy your photo session at a cheaper rate!

Be sure not to miss out on our gift card promotion as it will run until 30 November 2021!

How Many Photos Will I Get From This Promo?

by Aiden for SweetEscape in Boston

For a 1 hour photoshoot, normally you will be entitled to 20 downloadable photos out of 40+ photos in total, while for 2 hours it will be 40 downloadable photos out of 100+ photos in total.

Using the gift card purchased through this special promo, you will receive another 20 photos to download on top of the basic quota. More memorable moments to cherish!

What If the Gift Card Value Doesn’t Match the Destination’s Price List?

by Caitlin for SweetEscape in Maui

If the gift card value is higher, then the rest of the amount will be converted into SweetEscape Credits which can be used for your next booking!

If the gift card value is lower, you can top up the rest of the amount using credit card or other available payment methods during checkout!

Any Additional Fee Charged To Bookings?

by Aloysius for SweetEscape in Singapore

Additional fee will be charged if the photoshoot location is outside the city or entrance fee is required. You may contact our support team through SweetEscape mobile app or email hello@sweetescape.com for confirmation.

How Can I Order?

by Kaharudin for SweetEscape in Bali

For your convenience, you can order it through this form. Fill in the form and choose your preferred gift card value from $100-$500 (promo is only valid for $200, $300, $400, $500 value gift card). Then proceed to checkout! Your SweetEscape gift card will be sent to your registered email within 2 days.

It can be ordered from anywhere and can be used in 400+ cities where SweetEscape is available.

SweetEscape gift cards can become a gift that has a long-lasting impact! With this promo, you can help loved ones or use it for yourself to capture any moment, anywhere, and whenever!

To help capture those precious moments, SweetEscape connects you to our network of local professional photographers in cities around the world, and your photos will be ready for download within 48 hours. Together with SweetEscape, let’ enjoy a #MemorableThanksgiving** and make every moment memorable!