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Best Places to Take Prenup Photos in the Philippines
08 Jul 2018PLACESBY SweetEscape

Now that you’re finally engaged, there’s nothing better than to commemorate the moments with a sweet prenup session. It’s the opportunity not only to show everyone how you’re so madly in love with each other but also to show off your personalities.

One of the most important aspect of prenup photo is location but sometimes we go too far in searching the perfect spot. In fact, you don’t have to travel far to reach beautiful destinations that you can use as a backdrop to capture your romantic love story. Here are top five places for shooting prenup photos within the Philippines.

Kayangan Lake, Coron

The water is extremely clear and the colors are amazing. It’s the perfect spot if you’re looking for natural, raw, beautiful backdrop.

by Adi S for SweetEscape in Bali

El Nido

Known for white-sand beaches and coral reefs, it makes a beautiful backdrop on its own. But if you prefer to do your prenup session in style, book a yacht and have a great setting of the gorgeous bay.

by Marcel for SweetEscape in Bali


Take a stroll with half a million pine trees as your backdrop. If you want rustic feels for your prenup photos, Baguio pine forest is the perfect place.


by Kokoy for SweetEscape in Boracay

There’s nothing quite as photogenic as powdery white-sand beaches and crystal blue water to please the eyes. Boracay beach is beautiful and romantic at anytime!


This unique tear drop-shaped island covered entirely with palm trees. Perfect for casual photos by the beach with a benefit of getting a sun-kissed glow.

Now, don’t tell us that those gorgeous photos don’t make you swoon! Book SweetEscape for your prenup session and get 50% OFF for first 100 Philippines residents to book a SweetEscape session within the Philippines.

by Janos for SweetEscape in Siargao
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Sidney and Etha Mohede: Christmas Tradition in Our Family
12 Dec 2019STORIESBY SweetEscape

Among the Indonesian Christian community, Sidney and Etha Mohede are extremely popular. Sidney is best known as an award-winning gospel singer-songwriter and one of the pastors of a Jakarta-based megachurch, while Etha is a social media influencer. This Christmas season, we had the opportunity to talk with The Mohedes about their Christmas tradition, how they're going to spend this year's Christmas, and the importance of photography for their family.

by Priscilla for SweetEscape in Amsterdam
by Priscilla for SweetEscape in Amsterdam

1. Tell us about Christmas in your family!

We think our family's Christmas is just like any other family's. When we're in Jakarta, on Christmas morning we'd wake up and open our Christmas presents. But, since these couple of years we spent our Christmases traveling overseas, we'd open the presents before we fly off.

Also, we like to think that the trip itself is the present for the entire family, and we are happy to enjoy the trip together, just us and our three children.

2. Any particular Christmas dinner tradition?

Our family's Christmas dinner usually happens on the Christmas Eve, with simple dishes and no special table decorations. We always like to finish up all the hassle before Christmas Day itself. On Christmas Day we'd usually just eat simple take outs and just enjoy our time together.

However, we think that our family's dinners–be it Christmas or not–is a tradition in itself. We want to make sure that every family member sit around the table at dinner time. We see nowadays in modern families, at dinner time everybody's still busy with their own things; the kids watching videos on their tables, the parents still busy with their gadgets... We don't want that in our family. We make sure that everyone sits around the table and really enjoy our time together, including on Christmas dinners.

by Donny for SweetEscape in Bali

3. Where will you be spending Christmas this year?

This year we'll be going to Europe, namely Italy and the Netherlands. This would be our first time in Italy, and it's a 3-families trip. We're flying off to Dusseldorf, then we'll travel to Milan and meet the other 2 families there. Then we'd spend 7 days in Italy and 7 days in Netherlands, so in total it would be a 14 days trip.

by Dennis + Dewi for SweetEscape in Amsterdam

As for the detailed itinerary, we honestly have no clue, but we've already booked a car to drive around. We want to try a road trip-style holiday this time around, and we think it would be fun! It's going to be an adventure!

4. We know you travel a lot, especially Sidney. Do you take photos of your trip?

Of course! For me (Sidney) personally, I love photography because it is a way I can express my passion easily. I was an art major in university, and my first passion was drawing and painting. But drawing something takes a lot of time. With a camera, I can capture the beauty of what I was seeing wherever I go with a single snap. I can still use my brain and eye for the compositions and colours, and I can express my visual arts passion in an easy way, without having to spend more than 30 minutes to draw one picture.

by Dennis + Dewi for SweetEscape in Amsterdam
by Dennis + Dewi for SweetEscape in Amsterdam

Which is why, we also love SweetEscape very much, because the idea of not being the one who takes the photographs and actually being photographed once in a while is really fun! Honestly, I'm (Sidney) not a big fan of being photographed, like most guys, I believe. But for a family photo, it's always nice to have, since most of the times we'd have to take turns taking pictures with the kids, or resort to selfies. With SweetEscape, we don't have to worry about this, and all five of us can be in the picture together!

by Dennis + Dewi for SweetEscape in Amsterdam

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