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Where To Travel This Year? Five Favourite Up-and-Coming Travel Destinations for Filipinos!
05 4월 2019장소BY SweetEscape

Travelling is one of the most favourite ways to spend a holiday. While we used to go on holidays simply to take some rest, spending time with our family, or exploring new destinations, with the social media culture we currently live in, many people take 'instagram-worthy' spots into consideration when planning their holidays, and Filipinos are no different.


SweetEscape recently conducted a survey with 2,000 participants, which found that over 90% of millennials share photos on their social media while travelling. This shows only one thing--the importance of great photos during travels. Travelling milennials like to bring cameras, laptops, or even drones to create and post beautiful contents from their holiday directly to their social media platforms.

by Helena for SweetEscape in Cape Town

According to the study, 6 out of 10 Filipinos travel at least twice a year for leisure, while 77% of Filipinos prioritize on visiting instagram-worthy destinations. Many consider Siargao as the go-to local destination for holiday, while Hong Kong and Seoul still rank high on the list of foreign Asian countries to visit during holidays, mainly because it offers considerably affordable entertainment, great food, and tourist spots. As for Western destinations, New York and Paris are also among the most popular cities for many Filipinos. New York boasts a number of world-famous, instagram-worthy spots, while Paris, well... is beautiful in itself.

Many are familiar with these aforementioned destinations, but do you know that there are several other instagram-worthy places? Before they got too famous and touristy, you might want to check this list of up-and-coming popular and beautiful destinations we've compiled for you!

1. Cape Town, South Africa

by Helena for SweetEscape in Cape Town

Hearing the word Africa surely makes you think about safari trips with elephants, giraffes or lions casually walking around. We know how picture-perfect that moment would be, but when in Cape Town–also known as South Africa's "Mother City"–don't miss destinations such as Signal Hill, Chapmans Peak and Camps Bay. Table Mountain, which can be conveniently accessed via a cable car, the bike and hike trails of Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, and the breathtaking Cape Point must also be on your list.

2. Cappadocia, Turkey

by Kursat for SweetEscape in Cappadocia

Once you step out at Cappadocia, you'll surely have your jaws dropping with the stunning views of mushroom-capped fairy chimneys and towering carved stones. Among the tourist spots that you should visit to get the best photos is the Love Valley, Lover's Hill, Urgup Old Town and Ihlara Valley to get great photos. Of course don't forget to soar above the beautiful mountains in one of the hundreds of colourful hot air balloons decorating the skies of Cappadocia!

3. Maldives

by Mohamed for SweetEscape in Maldives
by Mohamed for SweetEscape in Maldives

Maldives is a beach lover's paradise. In Hulhumale, you can find most of the city spots and restaurants mostly run by the locals. Maafushi is one of the biggest islands in Maldives, and is also one of the most popular destination. But if you're looking for a really stunning view, visit Villingili and book a tropical villa in the middle of its turquoise waters.

4. Tuscany and Florence, Italy


Italy is known for its stunning landscapes. When in Italy, we suggest visiting Chianti in Tuscany, where you can walk along the vineyards and olive groves, and Val D'Orcia, a UNESCO heritage site with a picturesque view of low rolling hills. In Florence, walk along the Uffizi Gallery, across the bridge at Ponte Vecchio, and visit Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore to marvel at its' amazing architecture.

5. Shanghai, China

by Kevin for SweetEscape in Shanghai

Aside from being a haven for retail therapy, Shanghai boasts numerous tourist spots like the Bund, a Instagram-worthy waterfront area in central Shanghai. In Tianzifang, you can find traditional lanehouses and artsy areas with craft shops, cafes, galleries and boutiques, while sycamore tree-lined walkways, cozy restaurants and French bistros can be found in the Shanghai French Concession.

by Kursat for SweetEscape in Cappadocia
by Michael for SweetEscape in Shanghai

SweetEscape wants to make sure that you'll only have the best shots of your travels to post on your social media! Selfies may look good, but wouldn't you want someone to tell you which pose looks good, or which angle suits the lighting for a photo? You deserve to have those memories taken and saved beautifully! SweetEscape connects you with 2000+ photographers in more than 400 cities around the world, so all you have to do is create memories, while our photographers capture great photos of your every moment! Download our mobile app today and let's #MakeLifeMemorable!


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